Bye Bye Europe

on Friday, October 22, 2010
So im sitting at Brno Airport... I have a flight from here in like 50 minutes.... Going to prague.. From there to dubai.. And from there to my beautiful isloo... :D Theres no place like home.... I have like a 5 hours stay in prague and like 22 hour stay in Dubai.... So its gona be a long long journey... I think i will miss europe a bit... I was kinda getting used to it... If i could somehow shift all my friends and my family here i would definitely live here.. :P if they'll allow me that is... So lets see looking back on my last month.... It was really a awesome trip... Seriously an experience of a lifetime... Would remember it for the rest of my life... All the countries i visited and all the travelling was awesome.... Special Thanks to my brother for arraning everything for the trips and showing me around enscehde, Germany and belgium... It was awesome... Thanks to one of my new friends from pakistan for roaming around Amseterdam with me... Thanks to ammoo bhai one of my best friends for showing me around stockholm,sweden.... And last but not the least my stay in the czech republic was nicee tooo.... The best part about it was making a new Polish friend.... My first eatern european friend.... Had alot of fun with him.... Especially the trips to prague... And vienna which also included his wife... I have now plans to visit poland at sometime in my life :D..... Overall it was one of the best experiences of my life... Will always remember it.. I promise to put a small collection of pics when i get back to isloo..... Hope to see you back home... :)


Anonymous said...

Woowww.. Long long journey back home...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed =)

Have a nice and safe journey back home!