on Sunday, May 31, 2009
Im in search of an utopian dream... I think there isn't supposed to be one utopian dream in a persons lifetime... But there can be alot of utopian dreams... it just depends upon that person.... I want to build my own new utopia... hahahah... Basically building a utopia is not possible but we can make a utopian dream... I had one but that didn't work out.. So im off in search of a bigger and better dream.. Which i can follow.... There are going to be obstacles in the way but i would just have to face them as a man.... Just have to take it one step at a time... And see where it leads me... Sometimes dreams are built on their own... God leads us to those dreams or points us in the right direction... Everyone is moving or going or flowing towards a dream or a ideal scenario... Only some of the people know what they are trying to achieve... While the rest are just going with the flow... God is leading them towards their dream.... I really didn't know what to write today.. All i had was these 2 words.."utopian Dream".. roaming in my head.. So i followed those...

Today was a regular old sunday... Didn't do much today... Afternoon was passed with me chatting with bitter.... After that just sat.. In evening just chilled with friends in a gaming session... Bought alot of DVDs today even though i dont have money for the next month.... But We'll see what happens... Tomorrow i start a new phase in my life... But have to face this one challenge first.. And im not sure about how ill face it or what will be the result...

The song of the day is "I miss you" by incubus.... this is where i got the 2 words...
Anyways.. Take care.. have fun.. Wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors...

I Miss You:

PS: In search of a three-fold Utopian Dream....
When your young you think that every small little bad thing is the end of the world... But the question is are we still young?
on Saturday, May 30, 2009
So how many of you out there are satisfied with their lives.. Or how many people you know are satisfied with their lives... I think very few people exist who are satisfied... I know one friend... He is satisfied with his life... I got to meet that friend today... I dont meet him that much becoz he so busy all the time... But hes happy with life.... I think we should hang around happy people so maybe there happiness can rub off on us... We should be satisfied with life... I just have this feeling today somehow we should be satisfied with life... Or atleast if we dont have that satisfaction we should strive for it... And right now i believe in the fact that if you try really hard you will achieve that satisfaction...
Today was a beautiful day.. hahaha... I just laughed at what i wrote.. I dont believe what im writing.. But im thinking positively.. :P It was nice and beautiful day... Last day at my office... Had farewell lunch with my office friends at KC grill... It was really good... Good food with good company.. Had funn... really gona miss having lunch with these friends of mine... Then after lunch said good bye to my office.. :P
Hung out with a friend which a dont meet that much... So it was good... So you see looking back at the day it was good day..

So appropriately the song of the day is "Beautiful Day" by U2... Just keeping balance with the mood... Anyways.. take care.. Have Fun.. Enjoy the weekend...

Beautiful Day:

PS: What you dont have... You dont need it now...
Just got the 200 hit to my blog... For someone as boring as me thats quite an acheivement... :P And that too in 2 months...
on Friday, May 29, 2009
A couple hours ago i was watching the late night with jimmy fallon show... Kris allen the american idol winner was on and he sang his version of the kanye west song "heartless"... It was great... The song really suited his voice... And the songs been in my head ever since... It wasn't the first time i heard of this version by kris allen but it kinda stuck in the head... this happen sometimes... You may come across something but you disregard it becoz the time wasn't right... Or maybe you weren't looking for something like that.. Or maybe your mind was busy else where... So life is kinda about luck... You might choose the right things at the right time and maybe you disregard somethings that might have been good for you...

My advice to people is dont make your life complicated... try to find the fun in simple things.. Dont disregard some things coz at the time you just dont feel like it... Give it time and consider it... They might lead you to something good...

Theres a green ribbon vigil going to be held in lahore and islamabad on 3rd june from 8:00 pm to 8:45 pm for the soldiers who have died fighting against the militants and for the people who have died in the terror attacks... In islamabad i think people will gather on the constitution avenue... Dont know the location in lahore... Just thought i should mention it here for the people who dont know... Some information is available in the below URL...


Today was tiring and a hot day...Going here and there in my car... really took it out of me... had a headache for a long time but its better now.. just needed a hang out with friends.. :P Today a friend of mine was in a accident... Thank God he isn't badly injured but still he has stiches on his head... Traffic accidents are really bad... Drive carefully people.. (look whose talking.. Shutup..)

The song of the day is the one currently in my head... Heartless the kris allen live version.... He sings with really cool flow.... Anyways.. take care.. hve fun....


PS: I wana meet the woman they talk about in the song... The woman so heartless.. :P
Aaaaaa... The pain... Please take it away... I have a really bad headache... Why is that when ur heart is in pain you can write alot of stuff and when ur mind is in pain u cant write anything.... Hmm... I came across this shit i wrote on another blog a little while ago.. I thot i shud post it on my own blog too...

My friends and family are always with me...
Then why did i get lost under the roof of my own house...
All the stars were out at night....
Then why did i cry in the dark...
O heart of mine.. Why did you cry...
Im sorry for giving you away...
But life is all that...
You give your heart..
And you lose your heart...
Just then my crying eyes said...
Theres just this deep sadness in your heart...
All your heart needs is a friend...
A friend he can bleed out to...
He can no longer hold all the sorrow within...
Dear friend..
Just listen to what my heart has to say...
My heart says dont ever be afraid to do what you want..
Things are never easy...
You'll probably will end up alone...
But dont be afraid....
Give it your all...
So there are no regrets in the end...
Even though you'll probably end up crying anyways...

Oh man this was bad.. :P

Khair.. I was forwarded a message today.. I thot i shud share with every1...
What's greater than a mother's love?
Which pillow is better than a loved one's lap?
What's warmer than a father's hug?
What's sweeter than a baby's kiss?
Whose good protecter than a brother's shadow?
Which is secure place to trust than a sister's heart?
Whose company is better than a friend's?
What's tastier than a mother's cooking?
There are somethings in life which have no substitutes... VALUE THEM!!!...

Thats All....
on Thursday, May 28, 2009
I seem to have found the big sister i always wanted.... I dont know if i ever told anyone this but i always wanted a big sister... Just something about the idea of having a big sister made me wana have one... You know a person you can tell everything to.. And the person you know will always have a solution to your problems no matter how difficult the problem may seem.. She'll always get you out of trouble and always covers for you .. :P A person you can tell your deepest secret ..okay maybe not that deep..But almost everything... A person who would always look out for you... All these things made me always wana have a big sis.. And i was kinda always envious of the people who had a big sis... Now people i have one of my own.. :P Better late than never.. You know God has his ways to balance things out... He may take some people out of your life and he may also bring some great and beautiful people into your life... I hope i turn out to be a good younger brother for my new big sis.. :P

Today was okay.. gave my resignation letter today.. From monday i start my new job.. Hope things go fine.. Other than tht nothing special happened today.. Had my regular amount of moods swings as usual.. From really high to some really low moods.. But hopefully things will get better... Nothing special happened music wise either... The only song worth remembering was a noori song... I seem to be listening alot to noori these days.. And i still have a craving for a noori concert.. Dont know y... The song is "Gana No.1".. And its a happy song so its good for me...Anyways.. Take care.. have fun... Keep smiling..

Gana No.1:

PS: Wait and seee...
on Wednesday, May 27, 2009
I just gave my resignation letter to my company and it kinda felt funny... :P I thot i shared that letter.. It was really short and sweet...

Dear Mr. Manager ,

This is my formal notification that I am resigning from (Company-name) as Quality Assurance Engineer. 30th May 2009 will be my last day of employment.

I appreciate the opportunities I have been given here, and wish you much success in the future.


Lonely Perverted Soul

PS: No i signed my real name... :P But wudn't it been cool if i signed it as LPS...
I have toned down on the bleeding out and venting out affect on my blog...Becoz my pain was geting to the ppl around me and it was effecting them... We shouldn't let our pain or sadness affect the people around you... We shouldn't make the people around us sad just becoz we can't be strong enough and leave the past behind... I mean these people really love you and care for you... Why should they be sad becoz of you... But in my defense this blog is my space i have a right to say whatever i feel here and whats on my mind... Yea im kinda in the middle here... Khair.. will look into it some other time... Im feeling relaxed at the moment.. I feel content right now.. No sadness right now.. No feelings of pain.. Nothing bad about my mood right now.. But the thing is this never keeps up.. I have been reading alot of blogs lately and they are alot out there and most are about moving on after relationships...And almost all of them say that they have really big mood swings... I have a huge mood swing too.. Im a really moody person... I have mood swings 10 times greater than a pregnant women... One moment you ready to move on with life... And look towards the future... And another moment you feeling really sad... Why is it that our feeling of good mood doesn't last.. Is that we are just too weak.. Or is it suppose to be that way.... I Dont know.. All i wana do right now is kick back and enjoy the champions league final that is going to be on today with some friends...

Today was kinda regular day... Nothing much.. Went well.. Ill be leaving my company at the end of this week.. So im doing my last lunches with my office buddies these days.. Im so gona miss doing lunch with them.. These guys really made my day.. Lunch time used to be another lonely time for me during the day.. But during the past 3-4 months it ended up being my best time.... Lunch today was also fun.. Our really lame and cheap jokes.. Our sastay comments.. Checking out girls in jinnah super.. :P ahh.. will miss all that.. But will do it again sometime hopefully.. I have alot in my plate for the next 3-4 months... Anyways... Looking towards the future... :P

Musically today was okay... It had alot of stone temple pilots in it .. Mostly listened to them... But the song of the day i listened to a couple of hours ago.. Its "Show me what im looking for" by carolina liar... this is i think the only borderline happy song ive been listening to lately.... Has a nice tone to it...Anyways.. Take care.. Have fun...

Show Me what im looking for:

Is it easy to move on if you hate that person?
on Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Im gona start the six month from next week.. Also going to start a new job next month... Dont know right now whats going to happen.. After trying of one and a half year, i have finally got the job.. This was actually a part of the original plan.. Which is very funny.. Im acutally laughing abt it... Anyways .. Thnx to Allah for giving me this job.. Even though somehow it doesn't feel right but still will try to make the best... Im still feeling though a little down.. Dont worry everything will be fine... But it will be a little weird.. But lets see.. Today got the appointment letter.. Finaaly after a really really really long time.. Which felt good.. Then there was this thing of me telling my manager that i was leaving.. Which was hard.. But after a long discussion.. We came to a mutual conclusion... Today was alot tiring and also had to wait long in office... So it was tiring.. Im getting really tired these days.. Dont know. Maybe the heat...

My head is heavy right now... It doesn't have any words in it... The Heat has taken away all my words... Hopefully i will write something better in the future but i doubt it as things are going to get tough.. Anyways.. Heres to weirdness and hoping for the best...

The song of the day is " fall to pieces" by The velvet revolver...

It's been a long year
Since you've been gone
I've been alone here
I've grown old
I fall to pieces, I'm falling
Fell to pieces and I'm still falling

Every time I'm falling down
All alone I fall to pieces

I keep a journal of memories
I'm feeling lonely, I can't breathe
I fall to pieces, I'm falling
Fell to pieces and I'm still falling

All the years I've tried
With more to go
Will the memories die
I'm waiting
Will I find you
Can I find you
We're falling down
I'm falling

It really is one of those songs you listen to when your sitting alone.. And no one to talk to but yourself... Khair.. Take Care.. Have Fun..

Fall to pieces:

PS: Weird and hoping for the best....
on Monday, May 25, 2009
So this is it... What a year and half... Time to move one.. Or Am i going into past... Anyways.. Its exciting but weird.. Will know when i get into it.. Lets see... Hoping for the best... All the people who care about me plz pray for me in general....Thanx a lot...
Death of a mother is probably the greatest grief and pain a person has to go through in his life... I can't even imagine or think abt it... We always take our mothers for granted.. We never do what they want.. They always do what we want... They always worry and care for you... They never care for there ownself... We are always selfish... We think always about ourselves.. We never think about them or think of those feelings.... We always give ourself the priority... I am always guilty of all such things.. We should atleast say thank you to our moms from time to time... So to remind them that we do care.... And that we are greatfull for all that they have done..... Today started of really bad.. I woke up to a message of the death of the mother of a close friend... You never know what to say or think about these things.... All you think is that we really need to spend time with our mothers and the more we appreciate them.. the less... The pain can't be imagined by a person who hasn't lost a mother.... I just hope we never take our moms for granted... Because you never know when death will come...

Im tired and not in a good mood.. I think i just wana sleep today... And start the next day... Hope better things will come my way... I have a really bad backache... I dont wana write anything today... The song of the day is "Mad Season" by matchbox 20.... The explanation for the song that rob thomas gives before the video tht im gona paste is great... the song is nice... Im gona just post the lyircs here and Stop the Post.. So take care... Have Fun.. And be good to your parents...

I feel stupid - but I know it wont last for long
Ive been guessing - I coulda been guessin wrong
You dont know me now
I kinda thought that you should somehow
Does that whole mad season got ya down

I feel stupid but its something that comes and goes
Ive been changin - think its funny how now one knows
We dont talk about - the little things that we do without
When that whole mad season comes around

So why ya gotta stand there
Looking like the answer now
It seems to me - youd come around
I need you now
Do you think you can cope
You figured me out - Im lost and Im hopeless
Bleeding and broken - though Ive never spoken
I come undone - in this mad season

I feel stupid - but I think I been catchin on
I feel ugly - but I know I still turn you on
You seem colder now, torn apart, angry, turned around
Will that whole mad season knock you down

So are you gonna stand there
Are you gonna help me out
You need to be together now - I need you now
Do you think you can cope
You figured me out - Im lost and Im hopeless
Bleeding and broken - though Ive never spoken
I come undone - in this mad season

Now Im cryin - isnt that what you want
Im tryin to live my life on my own
But I wont
At times - I do believe I am strong
So someone tell me why, why, why
Do i, i, I feel stupid
And I came undone
And I came undone

I need you now
Do you think you can cope
You figured me out - Im lost and Im hopeless
Bleeding and broken - though Ive never spoken

I need you now
Do you think you can cope
You figured me out - Im a child and Im hopeless
Bleeding and broken - though Ive never spoken
I come undone - in this mad season

In this mad season
Theres been a mad season
Been a mad season

Mad Season:

PS: I Love you Mom....
on Sunday, May 24, 2009
Just a regular sunday.. Went by without anything bad happening.. thank God it went okay.. We should thank God for everyday that goes by without anything bad happening to you and your people... It was another kinda a relaxing day.. Had no tension.. Tomorrow the routine starts again... Will have to do everything again... Lets see whats the next week has got enstored for us... Hope it goes good... Need a good week under my belt... Its around 1am now... So really tired.. Just had something to eat... had take away from rayyan's on my way back from my friends today... Not gona write much... Its just gona be a short post... Had been writing some heavy stuff recently.. So gona lay low for a while... Anyways.. The day was good... But just have to go back to work tomorrow again.. So thats a downer...

Music was fine today but can't think of any... Im in weird mood rite now becoz im gona choose a jason mraz song as the song of the day.. The song is "You And I both".. I can't believe ive chosen a jason mraz song as the song of the day.. Anyways.. Enjoy the song... I came across this song due to a blog today.. Not too bad a song.. Khair.. take care.. Have fun..

You And I Both:

PS:.. Fucking Monday again....
on Saturday, May 23, 2009
Daughters really are the shining light of this world... They are the brightness in every home they are in... They really are the smile on their parents faces... Daughters are the one who keep everyone happy... And since every one is happy so everyone around those happy people become happy.. Hence you see its the Domino affect... daughters really are the cause of happiness in this world.... Today was saturday.... And it really was a relaxing Saturday for me becoz the last week was really tiring for me... I enjoyed my downtime.... Today i wrote a post on my Blog entitled "About a girl" during my downtime... Which has turned to be quite a the controversial post as it proved quite painful for the few readers i have... Im sorry if it made anyone sad.. You people should know that it made my heart feel a little lighter after writing that post... So i feel good... I Never knew writing stuff would have such a lightening (dont know if thats a word..) affect on me... I wish i could do some writing with a direction... I wish i could do some writing which followed the rules...But im no writer so i can't write like that.. Anyways today was good... Friends and family were one the menu.. So it was nice.... Oh yea also "pakoras" and "jalebii" and for dessert there was "death by chocolate".. :P AS u can see food wise it was a colorful day...

Musically it was slow as weekends usually are... The song of the day is "Daughters" by john mayer... John mayer has become one of the recent persons whose music and especially the lyrics to his songs ive started to like.. He really is a good song writer.... Anyways... take care.. And enjoy the rest of the weekend..




PS: Looking forward to watching the finale of Supernatural tonight....
It was always about a girl... It started of with things not going my way... It started of with my dreams, my plans coming to an end... My dreams came crashing down... My hope in life was taken away from me... My inspiration in life was pulled out of me... Life was cruel... When you love someone its hard not to see them... Its hard not to talk to them... The sun of my life was taken away from me.... Going through my ice age now... I know you'll probably be the sun in somebody else's life... But why not mine... I've cried alot.. And the tears have all dried up.. Crying helps... Crying makes the next five minutes feel okay... I know you're happy with another person but why not me....But thats okay coz a part of me feels better that your happy.. And a part of me feels that you have forgotten about of me.. And a part of feels good about it because i know youve moved on....But a part of me is not sure about what the other parts of me are saying or thinking.. A Part of me just wants you to miss me and always remember me....And a part of me thinks that you do but another part of me is not sure about it...(WTF) My mind has talked to my heart.. But my mind and my heart aren't always the best of friends... My heart never listens to my mind.. I need another heart who has gone through the same pain as my heart has.. So that my heart can bleed out to its fellow heart.... After sometime its not even about a girl... Its just about you... You'll realize afer sometime when you look around that everything is just the same... Someone i know said that emotions are such useless.. They dont let you do anything.. But they are the same emotions that let you do everything... My heart is stuck in a time loop... Its playing the same thing over and over again... Kinda reminds me of a star trek TNG episode...:P (i really wana go see the star trek new movie...) .. I wonder why do i have to be one those people for whom it ended up being about a girl thing... Time is a great healer but it can't mend a broken heart.. Only love is the cure for a broken heart... You can be busy all you want but it doesn't help... Listenig to the Noori song BOL again... It kinda makes me feel better.. I think this is my song currently... It lyrics makes me feel at peace.. I know ive posted its lyrics before but im just gona do it again... And round things off...

Saye Thay,
Parchayioon Mein Kiyoon Mein Khoya,
Tarey Thay,
Andheron Mein Kiyoon Mein Roya,

Dil Ray.. Dil Ro.. Anjane rahi Bolay.. Dil De.. Dil Kho,
Roti Meri Akhiyaan Bolein, Bastay Hein Dil Mein Roag,
Deewana Dil Bas Itna Bolay, Sun Yaar Bol Ab Dil Kay,
Bol... Man Re, Sun Lay Yara Bol... Man Bol, Dil Tu Ga Ray..
Ye Aahein Sun Yara Chupti Nahi Is Dil Mein,
Sun Saathi Sun Yara Basti Nahi Is Dil Mein,

Dil Yara Bolay Mera Jag Say Na Darna,
Phoolon Ki Kaliyoon Say Natay Jor,
Dil Yara Mera Phir hi Hai Akela,
Lagay Nahi mera Man Is Oarh,

Dil Ray.. Dil Ro.. Anjane rahi Bolay.. Dil De.. Dil Kho,
Roti Meri Akhiyaan Bolein, Bastay Hein Dil Mein Roag,
Deewana Dil Bas Itna Bolay, Sun Yaar Bol Ab Dil Kay,

Bol... Man Re, Sun Lay Yara Bol... Man Bol, Dil Tu Ga Ray..
Ye Aahein Sun Yara Chupti Nahi Is Dil Mein,
Sun Saathi Sun Yara Basti Nahi Is Dil Mein...
on Friday, May 22, 2009
Man its hott.. i know im saying this all the time.. But this heat has really killed me... My work .. My heat... My life.. Im tired... I really need to go away with someone... Just a companion... No one special... I just need to go away for a while.. The thing that was supposed to happen this week didnt happen.. which really is a bad thing... But i still have hope.. Lets see next week... Today really was a tiring day.. Jumma was in between the day... After jumma was full of work.. Work in the heat which was killing me... It really took it out from me.. Was feeling real low after a long days at work... But something really made my day... I had a new niece born today... I really love babies.. I dont know if i would be able to handle a baby but i just love them... Awesome and cuuutee... She really was something beautiful....The way she opened her eyes... Her small cute hands... Really small feet.. Just.. she really was awesome... She made me happy.. :P I can't say enough.. She reallyy wasss the cutestt.. Now i dont wana jinx her in any way.. :P

Babies really is one of the best gifts from God.... :) Anyways.. So this gives me hope.. Hope i think no one can lose... I mean someone might loose hope for a certain thing but no one really looses hope for life... Because its always in there somewhere. Ready to get out... Im really in a mellow mood.. I wana relax and unwind.. I dont wana sleep since its friday night and tomorrow is my good wala weekend.. I have my saturday off.... It would have been really good if someone was with me but no worries... ill relax on my own.. :P

Today i think i didnt listen to any song.. i might have listened to it but i dont remember.. So i just chose this kinda sad song but its one of those good songs i like.. Im not sad or anything right now...Just couldn't think of any other song.. Anyways.. Take Care.. Have fun.. And Enjoy the weekend...


PS: Blank.. Blank.. Blank... Thats how my mind feels right now....
on Thursday, May 21, 2009
There is this fact in this world that there are alot of people who are sad, depressed, Nothing to live for, full of sorrow and grief... These people are definitely not alone.. They have a pain which they cannot bear but they are not alone... They have a wound which cannot be healed but they are not alone... They have a broken heart which cannot be mend but they are not alone.. They are living with hurt but not alone... Im alive..:P LOL.. No this not my yesterday wali line.. Today im alive and im thankful for it.... Im thankful to be alive because i have alot to live for.. I have a really awesome mom... I have a incredible dad... I have a brother who may be thousands miles away but i know is always there... I have this new sister who i know really cares about me... I have alot of great friends... And im really blessed to have them.... So i really have alot to live for.... I know the feeling changes but this is what i know deep inside that this is true....

Im really hating the heat these days... i feel really tired because of it.. I get restless and impatient becoz of it.. In my room i have a laptop whose battery is dead ,so it only works when its plugged in.. And the thing is that it has that big power plug .. the one meant for A.C .. So i have this choice i either burn in the heat or i lose my laptop... Ive always chosen the laptop hence its really hot in my room... But i can't survive without the laptop... hence i have to bear the heat... :P Today was a little better than yesterday...a work was slightly better.. And met up with friends.. So it was better... Im still waiting for a thing to happen which is really bothering me.. khair.. lets see...

Ive recently had some traffic towards my blog.. Which is good.. Its good to chat with some new people... It makes me feel better.. I have discovered some with similar issues as mine.. I met some people trying to cheer up... So it really is a good thing....

I like to say a prayer here at this moment for all the shaheeds that have passed away in this recent military action in our country... they really are giving their lives for us.. we should be proud of them.... May there souls rest in peace.. Ameen...

Musically today consisted of 2 songs... first one was Oasis's "Dont look back in anger"... This a really old and popular song... And a beautiful one of that.. With great lyrics....The second song is the song of the day.. Its "over the hills & far away" by "led zeppelin"... Really awesome song.. I used to listen to this song alot when i was in love... Now this song is for any future lady that may come... Great song... Anyways.. ADIOS.. take care.. Have fun.. keep smiling and make others smile...

Over The hills & Far Away:

PS:... Hey Lady.. You got the love i need...
on Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Soo... Im still alive... Another day went by... and im still alive... I dont know how.. I dont know why... But i am still alive.... I have no direction... My plan got destroyed... My dreams were struck by a bolt of lighting and they died at the spot... My life that started a year back is no more... Im still in a state of shock by the lighting.. Now im just repeating the same old thing over and over again.. Maybe because it is the same thing repeating over and over in my life... Its the same thought that is repeated in my mind over and over... Things are getting hard.. And most probably they are going to get even more bad.. But im still alive... All i know is i am alive.. Im breathing.. Im talking... Im walking... Is that what defines a living person?.. I guess so... If thats the definition than i am definitely alive.... Man im really tired today.. The heat has dragged all the energy from me.. Today was not a good day... It was tiring.. It was hot.. Office was not too good... Overall not so good day....

I Have recently joined this Writers lounge blog which helps me in passing the day.. Another way to pass my Life... I really am no fucking writer...(Using the word fuck makes you feel better.. Or atleast it makes me feel better.. So thats y im using it...) But somehow im just posting some Shit... Im definitely not in a good mood today... My switch is back... Things have to be done... There was this series that used to come on ptv a long time ago called time trax.. Me and my brother was really crazy about it.. We used to record it through the VCR even when we were watching it on time... Man those were some really good times... I wish i was that guy who could jump from the body of one person to another through time... Hmm... Anyways... I Hope this month goes by quickly... We'll see next month....

Today the only thing that made me feel a little better was the song "Alive" which i was listening to on my way back from office... This Song made me forget everything and just listen to this song for around 4 mins... And i sang to the top of my voice... This song by Pearl Jam is the song of the day... Even though this song is totally about something not related to my life.. but the line .. Im still alive.. Its just makes you wana scream that line out... IM STILL ALIVE... IM STILL FUCKING ALIVE... I dont knw WHY.. WHY .. WHY... ALL i know is that im STILL FUCKING ALIVE.. Anyways.. ADIOS... Take care of yourselves...


PS: I know your sick of it now... But im Still alive....
on Tuesday, May 19, 2009
If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you.
If the mountains should crumble to the sea, there would still be you and me.

Kind woman, I give you my all, Kind woman, nothing more.

Little drops of rain whisper of the pain, tears of loves lost in the days gone by.
But my love is strong, with you there is no wrong,
together we shall go until we die. My, my, my.
Inspiration's what you are to me, inspiration, look... see.

And so today, my world it smiles, your hand in mine, we walk the miles,
Thanks to you it will be done, for you to me are the only one.
Happiness, no more be sad, happiness....I'm glad.
If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you.
If the mountains should crumble to the sea, there would still be you and me.

Those are the words to my all time favorite love song... "Thank You" by led zeppelin... This was supposed to be our song... this was definitely our song...What happened... Life happened i guess... Last night i was watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy... Season finale are usually intense and especially of grey's... Actually watching it kinda made me feel good as the its theme was to say out your feelings such as i love you.. i want you... i need you.. i cant live without you to your loved one before its too late because life is too short.. You never know whats gona happen the next day... I have done that.. So it made me feel good... Don't wait.. Don't hesitate.. Just say it... It doesn't matter who that loved one is.. Whether its a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, a dear friend, or even you mom or dad.. just let them know how you feel coz you never know whats gona happen tomorrow... This song is so beautiful.. Im listening to it right now... i think these days im in my listening to beautiful and sweet songs wala mood... :p

Today was tuesday.. tuesdays are just always messed up.. I think i have never heard a good news on a tuesday..(Ok now your just making that up...You can't possibly know that... i guess i am..) Khair.. the day went by... And that is what matters... It was lived to the best of my abilites... This week is kinda really important in my life... Coz things are supposed to happen.. But i dont feel like it.. Coz i dont know ...some things dont matter anymore..(LIARR...:P).. Anways.. the day went by fine .. i lived....:P
The song of the day is Ofcourse.. "Thank YOU"... just beautiful...Anyways.. take care.. Have fun... And pray for yourself and me....

Thank You:

PS:..If the sun refused to shine....
on Monday, May 18, 2009
Today i found a phrase i think i was looking for... The Phrase was "Rumbled Dreams"..Although i wasn't exactly looking for this phrase but this phrase lead me to the phrase "Rubbled Dreams"... Yes my my dreams have been reduced to rubble... Im currently in the process of picking up the rubble piece by piece and examining it for evidence... Im also remembering what stood their before my dreams came crashing down... Im being nostalgic about my dreams... Im a Dreamer... Like i said before in my blog ..Im the king of wishful thinking... Recently i have stopped all that i have stopped dreaming... By dreaming i mean thinking.. And by thinking i mean thinking with a direction or a purpose... The earthquake that reduced my dreams to a rubble was a shock to the system... im still in a state of shock... Trying to get out of it... Mind of human is a very powerful thing.... every thing depends on it... Now i think i have lost my mind... :P

Good Girls go to heaven...They always listen to their parents... I hope they go to heaven.. becoz they are missing out on alot of fun... Where the hell did that come from... I have no clue...

Today was hottt.. I mean really hot.. And when its hot you feel tired anyway and when you have to work to go along with it.. it gets bad... today was tiring... Work was ok.. had a meeting with my CEO for the first time.. Which was kinda cool.. Although i was really mad about the timing as it was...during my lunch time which got messed up so wasnt able to do lunch with my buddies.. Which was bad... Work continued after that...It kinda lingered on in the heat... Got off late.. Went home... I thot i was gona ease up on the diary factor... what happened.. :P Hmm..Ok.. Also went to a telecom tower site today.. Becoz my frnd was their fixing the site.. Which is something different i did today.. thats all for the day...

Listened to mainly to songs today... Noori's Bol and Sunshower by Chris cornell.. Which is the song of the day.. Now sunshower is really a beautiful song.. i think thats the first time ive used the word beautiful for a song in my blog.. So this really is a beautiful song... Wish i had written it.. I dedicate this song to my future love that i may have... Anyways... take care.. Have fun.. Keep smiling that beautiful smile....


PS: When you find your way.. And then see it disappear.. its alright...
on Sunday, May 17, 2009
Dear GOD,

Thank You for all that you have given me and all that you have kept away from me. You have kept me in such a wonderful condition and brought me in such a awesome family.. For that i can never thank you enough.. Plz forgive me for all the sins i've committed.. And you know better than me that they are alot... Although the severity of my sins doesnt leave any space for any kind of forgiveness but you are the Almighty.. Your power i cant even imagine.. there been some time since ive talked with you directly..Im sorry for that too.. I know i should ask everything from you... I just wasn't in the mood for asking for anything after the last thing i asked... But you would have know what was in my heart... Plzz keep every kind of bad thing away from my family and friends and my loved ones and everyone i care about and also keep the bad things away from my enemies... Also plzz look after the people of this country especially the displaced people of the northern areas like swat and Bonair... Plzz keep them in your protection... The only thing that i have been wishing for lately is for you to give me peace of mind... Actually i dont know y im asking coz actually deep down inside i know the way to that... I also would like to ask for one other thing which i think you know... I know you always know whats better for me... Anyways.. I try to keep in touch more this time... Ill try to say my prayers.. and be good to my parents... Please give me the strength to live this life in the best of ways... Ameen...


Just saying my prayers there.. Thought i should do that today.. I think none of us pray enough.. Everyone of us needs to pray more...we need to believe.. (yea like you do..Shut up.. ).. The Sincerity of our beliefs is a touchy subject i dont wana talk about... Anyways... today was a regular slow sunday... Stayed at home... Im thinkin i should lessen the diary affect in my blog.. And talk a little less about my day.. Khair we'll see... So for now it was a regular day.. Catched up with a frnd.. Which was nice.. My future sister in law came over.. Which was also good.. So overall it was a nice old regular day... Days like these dont hurt you much...

I listened mostly to my new obsession which was noori's song bol.. So the song of the day is the only other song i listened to today.. which is "The space between" by the dave mathews band... Now DMB is really great band.. they have some truely good songs ... And this is one of them... Anyways.. ADIOS people.. Take care.. Have Fun.. And dont forget to pray...

The Space Between:

PS: I got all the time for you....
So wats up?.. what u doing... I hope ur doing okay.. Im doing alrite i think... Trying to deal with life.... Do you miss me?.. i hope you do a little a bit.. I hope you remember me... I hope you know that im still there... A part of me doesnt want you to miss me... And wants you to move one... And forget about me...And be great and happy and awesome like you are... So you keep smiling your beautiful smile forever... A part of me wants that you never forget me.. And that you miss me now and then... But thats just life... It isn't supposed to make sense.. But one thing i do know is that i hope i see you in the afterlife... So that we can share our life experiences... So that we can catch up.. So that we can once again say to each other...So wats up....


on Saturday, May 16, 2009
Saye Thay,
Parchayioon Mein Kiyoon Mein Khoya,
Tarey Thay,
Andheron Mein Kiyoon Mein Roya,

Dil Ray.. Dil Ro.. Anjane rahi Bolay.. Dil De.. Dil Kho,
Roti Meri Akhiyaan Bolein, Bastay Hein Dil Mein Roag,
Deewana Dil Bas Itna Bolay, Sun Yaar Bol Ab Dil Kay,
Bol... Man Re, Sun Lay Yara Bol... Man Bol, Dil Tu Ga Ray..
Ye Aahein Sun Yara Chupti Nahi Is Dil Mein,
Sun Saathi Sun Yara Basti Nahi Is Dil Mein,

Dil Yara Bolay Mera Jag Say Na Darna,
Phoolon Ki Kaliyoon Say Natay Jor,
Dil Yara Mera Phir hi Hai Akela,
Lagay Nahi mera Man Is Oarh,

Dil Ray.. Dil Ro.. Anjane rahi Bolay.. Dil De.. Dil Kho,
Roti Meri Akhiyaan Bolein, Bastay Hein Dil Mein Roag,
Deewana Dil Bas Itna Bolay, Sun Yaar Bol Ab Dil Kay,

Bol... Man Re, Sun Lay Yara Bol... Man Bol, Dil Tu Ga Ray..
Ye Aahein Sun Yara Chupti Nahi Is Dil Mein,
Sun Saathi Sun Yara Basti Nahi Is Dil Mein...

These are lyircs to Noori's song "Bol" for those who dont know.... Which is also the song of the day.... I have made my peace with noori too.. Noori for me is like lifehouse... I like them but i would never admit it... but i have now made my peace with them and im admitting it here that i like them ...like i did before with lifehouse... This song is really coool... Its speaks the truth... I seem to be having a great attraction for the truth these days... This song is about the words with in.. The words that come from a saddened heart... I think everyone in this world just needs someone which they can say whatever is in their heart.... This world would be a better place if everyone had that someone... Otherwise you will keep on hurting within... And the day you explode, your actions cant be predicted on that day... You give your heart to someone and then somebody steals your heart from that persons and throws it in trash... Thats all a part of life.. Anyways the song is amazing... My favorite line is "Ye Aahein Sun Yara Chupti Nahi Is Dil Mein"..

Today was saturday.. it was good day actually .. didnt expect it to be that good.... It was one of my working saturdays... Had some work.. actually i was kinda managing all my side of the projects because my manager didnt come.. Managing stuff kinda feels good.. Lunch was great.. Im really having alot of fun with my office buddies... after work today had a cricket match today between our team and the developers team.. Didnt expect to have fun there.. but it was good... Ofcourse our team won.. Played cricket after a really long time.. I was one of the star players from my team.. No its not lie.. I really was.. Anyways bottom line is i had fun.. Got back home after that... relaxed for a while than went out as it was saturday nite.. :P Chilled with friends.. Went for icecream first.. than sat at PKG... there had a samosa party.... Overall today was a fun day... Thats all for today.. Take care.. have fun... Keep smiling and make others smile.. ADIOS...


PS: Ye Aahein Sun Yara Chupti Nahi Is Dil Mein...
on Friday, May 15, 2009
Beautiful girl is the song by INXS which i heard on my morning drive to work... beautiful girl has nothing to do with this blog post.. hmm.. Well actually beautiful girl has everything to do with this whole world... Everything revolves around beautiful girls... My posts are again starting to make no sense... My mind is kinda blank at the moment with spots here and there... Things are not constant.. everything changes... Im still kinda stuck upon the paragraph that was written by icemaiden... Nothing has weightage anymore... You can have 4 friends in one place and those might be the best of friends at one point.. But later on sometime in life.. 1 friend might end up avoiding one friend while another friend might end up avoiding another friend and then somehow things get messed up... While they are some really bad things happening around ourselves.. Like the war of our army against the taliban and refugees that are coming from that.. Thats just really baad... This world is soo big yet so small...

My day started off with jimmy eats world's "the middle" which was good.. a good morning song... Reached office.. just did the regular stuff.. Chatted with a regular morning friend ... Some things got cleared up... :P talking helps i think... Work was surprisingly not that much.. Just wrapped up stuff.. small stuff not too big.. Waited for jumma.. had a pre-jumma snack and then after jumma lunch..:P it was fun.. Im really been having fun with my work buddies.. khair got late from lunch today.. actually pretty late.. So the day at work was finished up a little quickly..Then just hurried home...

After that had some things to do.. Went to see a friend who i dont see much.. But have always contact on facebook..He was leaving out of the country.. So we met up.. That was good.. Went to drop off a cousin at a place.. Then went to hang out with my old university buddies... It was fun... We hooked up a Tv today...Stole a cable from the neighbors..:P.. Tv is really good for them... after that just went home.. The day was overall good...

Musically the day was not that good.. Not much music going on.. been listening to paramore alot... Listened to "Pressure" their acoustic version which rocked... Then listened to their Song "Emergency".. which i decided to make the song of the day.. Emergency that is going on in our lives.. Anyways.. Thats all from me.. Take care .. Have Fun...


PS: And no one cares to talk about it...
on Thursday, May 14, 2009
Another lonely day is a sad song about how a persons life is so miserable.... How he ends up lonely in the end... How things were not meant to be for him.. And how he rather walk alone then to chase something that wont be... I kinda disagree with stuff... If somethings doesnt happen.. people say that it wasn't meant to be... Thats just the way of people to move on from something.. But i think that if sumthings doesnt happen we shouldnt say it wasnt meant to be.. We should say that it just didn't happen.. that it was meant to be but it just didnt happen... Because how will you know how it wasnt suppose to happen.. You cant just say something without knowing it... Anyways.. I was going through one of the blogs of this person that came back after sometime to blogging actually five years... And she wrote something that i kinda liked alot... it was

"Life has no pattern, there aren't any rules. Nothing is certain, nothing is constant. You wake up one day and realise that everything you knew and believed in was basically a lie. what then? everyday life becomes unbearable, there is no escape from suffocation. you become a victim of a game you created yourself because you weren't paying attention. mistakes don't get erased. experience doesn't mould us, it distorts us. everything you've worked for slips right out of your hands and you stand there dumbfounded. when life comes crashing down around you. what is there to do but stand motionless, unable to move, unable to speak, unable to process... "
By IceMaiden

I mean this is so true... You cant do anything.. You just pretend and sometimes get into the moment of enjoying life sometimes.. It moves on.. We cant do anything.. All we can do is take it as it comes.. Because somethings just "Don't" happen...

Day was a bad day.. It was just one of those days... had a headache.. Work wasnt good... Actually was kinda mad at some stuff at office.. Which kinda kept me mad the whole day.. though it was fun with my office friends.. Lunch helped.. Just the day went by.. The music on the rush hour show was good.. It kinda soothed the day.. After work went to do some small errands.. Got something to eat.. Then got some chips from home too... :P watched "House" for like 10 mins.. then didnt wana watch anymore.. then did nothing at all..

The load shedding is back.. i hate load shedding.. i mean we have got other things to worry about... Another thing thats really the hot topic in the country these days is the "IDPs".. Internally displaced persons.. i think.. Yea they are the refugees from the northern areas like swat bonear etc.. Thats a really big problem for the country now... they are around 1 million now and could rise upto 1.5 million... We have got to help these people.. Im not helping coz i just dont know y.. Im just a selfish person.. khair i think there are alot of people doing alot of good stuff so i just wanted to praise them and say keep up the good work.. Theres alot of information present on the site http: //pakistanidps.wordpress.com/ regarding the IDPs... Lets just pray that everything goes well..

The Songs of the day today.. yes they are 2.. are "Another lonely day" by Ben harper and "Collide" by howie day.. they are the kinda songs ive been running away from lately but i just decided to make these the songs of the day.... Anyways.. ADIOS.. Take Care.. Have Fun...

Another Lonely Day:


PS: I miss you....
on Wednesday, May 13, 2009
What the hell is going on... why my mind is soo unreasonable and unpredictable... Its human nature to have hope for things to go your way.. But when things dont go your way it really goes baadd... Just deal with the stuff.. You cant know all the things... There are things in my life i will never know... I have to let them go... I dont know where im going with this.. I try to keep myself busy and today was another busy day.. Im not in the mood of writing today... Today consisted of work and work and things and gaming and eating... yea thats just stupid.. Anyways.. Work was tough as usual though i kinda enjoy the challenges that i may face but its getting kinda hectic now... Lunch was really good today.. Lunch is still one of the better part of my days... The other time would be listening to the rush hour show while working and going back home... got home and had to finish up some stuff.. then went for gaming... And the day ended like that... Im still feeling messed up about things in life.. Although thankful to Allah for everything...

The song of the day is "pressure" By paramore.. really nice song.. It got me through my work and day... Khair.. take care... Have fun...


PS: Wait and see...
on Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Human emotions are so strange... yet kinda predictable.. I think i should have studied some human psychology during my study life..(Yes for all effective reasons my study life is over.. Dont wana study anymore... I have no inspiration for studying...).. Humans are such interesting creatures... We would probably never get bored... :P Human emotions are so strong though.. Alot of things come out of them.. This world is running on all those emotions... All great music comes from emotions... Some people in this world.. In the words of "Incubus" are "exception to the rule".. They are a bonafied rarity.... This is a beautiful place because of those people...

My day today was kinda long... Though i slept a little more today because i went to office a late today.. Had a 5 min interview today for which i had to wait for an hour... It went well... after that ran to office.. My work schedule was messed up because of it now... have stuff pending now... Khair work went ookay.. lunch was good today and was at savour after some time.. The shopkeepers strike yesterday over the imprisonment of there fellow shopkeepers was surprisingly on a very large scale.. everythng in isloo was closed yesterday even savour.. Nice to see such unity among people.... Khair where were we.. yea work.. Work i just dealt with the best i cud and left office almost on time... Listened to the rush hour show from 5...

Got home.. didnt rest much... :P Ordered some shaadi ke cards.. that took some time.. than went out with mom.. Had to pick up some stuff and a little bit of shopping.. So day went by like that .. Busy busy.. When ur busy u almost forget everything... Almost being the important word here...

Musically today was nice... I have two songs of the day today... One is southern girl by incubus... I heard this song while going to office today.. It has a nice tone to it.. I have revived by appreciation of incubus music.. they really are a awesome band... Heard this song mostly through my work... The 2nd song is "Tangled Up in YOu" by staind... I was reading up on some of the blogs i follow.. and i came across this song in one of them....this a great song.. Thanx to maryam for getting me started on this song... this song makes me sad though.. It has that sad tone.. all of stainds song are sad and depressing... These 2 songs kinda enhanced 2 separate feelings in me...I know one makes me sad.. the other one i cant describe into words... Anyways.. ADIOS.. Take care.. Have Fun..

Southern Girl:

Tangled Up In You:

PS: Im still tangled up in you....
on Monday, May 11, 2009
Thanks for all you've done
I've missed you for so long
I can't believe you're gone
You still live in me
I feel you in the wind
You guide me constantly

I've never knew what it was to be alone, no
Cause you were always there for me
You were always there waiting
And ill come home and I miss your face so
Smiling down on me
I close my eyes to see

And I know, you're a part of me
And it's your song that sets me free
I sing it while I feel I can't hold on
I sing tonight cause it comforts me

I carry the things that remind me of you
In loving memory of
The one that was so true
Your were as kind as you could be
And even though you're gone
You still mean the world to me

These are the lyrics from the alterbridge's song "In Loving Memory".. Its really a beautiful song.. It makes you wana cry... This song really reminds you of the people you have lost... Its makes you so sad.. The good things in life are just not that good anymore without the people you love... Things that you might get are not worth anymore without the people you love... All the biggest things in life are nothing without anyone to share with.. There are simply worth nothing... Anyways.. Life is life.. It takes you wherever it drags you.. You cant fight it that much becoz you may turn here and there and you may slightly turn the route but you cant do enuff.. the destination is the same..

Today.. was(10 mins left) Monday.. Yea that old day again... its started off with a happy song from "Sister hazel" called all for you.. Its a nice song... Sister hazel have this other song which i like called "Your Winter".. Another beautiful song... I always liked that song... Its from the soundtrack of 10 things i hate about you...
khair..Office work continued...Its really getting hectic...Work has come... So dealt with it.. Waited for lunch.. wanted to get away from work.. So left for lunch on time.. We ended up just roaming around becoz everything was closed due to the strike...Got back to the canteen next to my building.. Which we call "Jahangir 2" :P
Anyways.. ate quickly and got back to work.. Stuck with it.. Lingered on.. Sat till 7 and then ran away...Got home.. relaxed.. ate khana.. left overs from yesterdays dinner :P... then went to hang out with friends at their house... Went good.. And thats all...

My happiness is no more in sight.. It just got snatched away... Has been locked up somewhere.. Need to find out where that place is and who has the keys to the lock of that place... Im still hurting.. My wound hasn't caused a scar right now becoz its still fresh.. Waiting for the wounds to turn into scars... So you can show them off.. :P

The song of the day is of course "In Loving Memory" by alterbridge... It deserve to be the song of the day...Anyways.. ADIOS.. Take Care.. Have Fun.. Keep smiling and make others smile..

In Loving Memory:

PS: Good Bye Day...
on Sunday, May 10, 2009
Umeed is actually a really sad song by qayaas.. I mean "umeed"(Hope) is suppose to be a optimistic word.. Although the way the singer uzair jaswaal is singing it.. It seems as a optimistic song... But Hear the lyrics.. Its really sad and messed up... "...Yaad ayein toh bhulaein gaye...waqt ho apna karavan.... Hum khayaloon se door jayein gae... rastoon pe chrorein nishaan...." The chorus is all about forgetting something that bothers you...Not thinking about those thoughts... Instead run away from them... Thats so sad for me.. I mean how can you forget something that you cant stop thinking about... And even if you forget it.. The Thought will come back sometime even if its after a long time.. Anyways.. I ve been listening to this song the whole day... Its a good song...

Sunday... It felt nice.. I used to love the sunday mornings.. I mean alot.. Now i just let them pass... Woke up and had some guests over which is turning out to be routine now.. Anyways was mother's day so planned to stay all day at home with mom... Had to go get my car washed which i did.. IT really really needed a clean up.. seriously it did.. Now it looks like a new car.. :P That felt good.. Came back had dinner and relaxed... Some other guests also came over.. So it was a busy day for my mom.. I watched the last two episodes of grey's anatomy... Its really geting intense.. I really used to like it because it used to give you some emotions that made you get out from reality... But now it just doesnt work anymore.. I mean im still a sentimental and emotional guy.. :P But still it doesnt work that much anymore... The show still good though... I dont know why i care so fucking much.. Ok maybe not that much.. But i do care alot.. I care about almost everything... it really is a curse.. Khair.. After the guests went away and i finished watching grey's anatomy.. I went out for a mother's day dinner with mom and dad.. Also picked up a cousin of mine... It was a nice dinner... Thats mostly the end of the day... In the start of one of the grey's anatomy epi izzie stevens says something like.. that its not the biggest days that turn out big.. because they never work out according to what was there in their mind..Its the regular days.. those are the ones that turn out big....Because you never expect it...

Musically today was like a sunday.. Not much music instead of "umeed".. So i listened to Johnny cash's "hurt"... I listened to it after sometime.. It really is a great song... I really think im still hurt... But my hurt is trying to forget itself.. Lets see what happens.. Anyways... Take care.. Have Fun..


PS: Im still hurting....
on Saturday, May 9, 2009
Hello everyone... Hope everybody is doing okay... I've said hello after a really long time... The little things... Hmm.. Yea i cant say that enough... Its the little things in life that matter... Not the bigger things.. Because the bigger things mostly fade away.. Hold On to the little things... They'll get you through this life... Thinking about bigger and heavier things will always get u depressed and sad... Anyways.. I've listened to this song lately called "I kill her" by Soko... This is a really interesting song... It makes me laugh... The song is actually really sad.. The lyrics are sad... I feel really sorry for the girl... I like the way shes all so direct... Saying whatever comes in her mind.. I like direct things.. Direct people.. Direct Everything.. I dont like Cryptic stuff... Another song that i like because of its directnes is Natasha BedingField's "i wana have your Babies"... Even though its not my type of music.. But the song is direct.. I mean you cant get more direct than telling someone that you wana have their babies.. :P

Im Still listening to my addiction... "Decode" by paramore.. cant stop listening to it... I really like hayley william's voice... Creative woman inspire me.. Theres something about them that makes me wana do something... Or maybe woman inspire me in general.. :P LOL.. thts funny.. yea it think thats about right..

Anyways.. today was saturday.. It was good to wake up late on a saturday.. Straight after waking up went out with dad to do some bank stuff and then went to get my car's stuck door fixed.. which has been stuck for ages now.. Finally its fixed now.. Dont know for how long.. Then got back Home... After a while finally went to by some suits for my brother's wedding.. Which is in july for those who dont know.. Got my suits finally... Even though its pretty early but my mom wanted to get things out of the way.. So shes happy now..

Watched some F1 today.. Changed the template for my blog.. I wasnt into changing the template but the last one was too boring.. This one atleast has something... After that went out in search of a gift for mom for mother's day.. Picked up a friend.. Searched alot.. F10.. jinnah super was mainly closed becoz of some protest.. So went to meet up with some other friends.. Went and played some snooker.. After that i continued my search.. Finally found something.. Got mom this cute little purse thingy and a pocket mirror.. It was okay i guess.. Got it wrapped and all.. She liked it.. She wud have liked anything i would have given.. Love Her...

Song of the day today is "Umeed" by Qayaas.. Qayaas is a new isloo band... I think the only optimistic thing about pakistan right now is the rock music that is coming up from all the major cities... The lyrics are getting better.. And music and composition are better too... Umeed is a typical song from a isloo underground band.. but i like it.. Its a sad song.. Something better and a little different.. Btw Qayaas is gona have a unplugged performance at the chopstick restaurant in super market.. Tomorrow.. I think the entry ticket is 1000.. Those of you who want.. can check them out there... Anyways.. That all.. Take Care.. Have Fun...

I'll Kill HER:


PS: Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there and especially to my mom....
on Friday, May 8, 2009
The post name is called "Im Sorry" because thats how i feel right now... I dont think theres any song by that name... I just feel sorry... I feel sorry for all that i have done and all that i didnt do... I feel sorry to everyone i ever met.. I feel sorry to everyone i ever talked to... I just feel sorry... So i will just like to say sorry to the whole world right now... Anyways.. Im glad i got that out of the way.... I was thinking today about the power of forgetting today... i wanted to know how strong is its power.. I think its not that strong... The power of forgetting stuff is overrated i think... You can never forget stuff that really matters.... Something might get in front of that stuff but you can never forget it... So today was friday.. Hm.. im thinking y i tell everyone what day it is... i mean like they dont know the day.. maybe someday when im reading up my blog maybe knowing the day will help.. Ohh acha thats y u tell the day... Good... So moving on from me talking to my stupid self... the day went fine... My good mood hang over was over and i was back to normal.. :P I was trying to regain some of my good mood... Work was there as always... Worked hard :P yea right... Went for jumma... Then had a Rahat pizza party ... One of my office buddies had been given an increment... so he was paying... A Rahat pizza tastes even better when its free.. :P Anyways.. had work to do and manage things after lunch... Made one project live.. And Got stuck with another one.. Which luckily didnt go live today becoz then i would have had to stay late... Yea you people may not understand this...

Khair.. Left office on time.. Got home.. Had to go pick and drop my cousin.. On my way back i decided to do some shopping therapy for myself... Yea i know.. Shopping!!.. I usually dont shop much or dont like it.. But when i do shop.. i shop alot and it makes me feel good... :P So i bought alot of stuff.. Ok maybe not that much but it was alot in my terms... Got back home and then decided to go show off some of my new clothes... :P So picked up a couple of friends.. We went and sat at civil junction.. had a strawberry smoothie.. Im still in search of a good strawberry smoothie... Anyways the day ended like that...

Musically today was very small.. Continued with my current addiction.. Which i think will go on for a while... The only song i heard or that i remember that sounded good was ghosts by Extreme... It was decent enuff song.. So i decided to make it my song of the day... Anyways... Take Care.. Have Funn...


PS: Ghosts of the past are in my head...
on Thursday, May 7, 2009

Im currently having what you may call a good mood hang over... those are so baad.. Because you know they will happen someday... You have such mixed up and confused.. okay maybe not confused but nostalgic and melancholic feelings... Hang overs are just not good... You go from such a high(not that high) to a really low level... Today i had a new addiction... which was the song "Decode" by "paramore".. this song is my new addiction... dont know how long it will last... listening to it right now... Hayley williams the lead vocalist of paramore is hott... I have a thing for chicks who rock... :P This song is OST of the movie Twilight.. Yea i liked the movie... I thought it was nice... Vampires are my thing... The sad part about today was that i didnt have anyone to share my new addiction with... I lost my friend with whom i shared all my music addictions with... this friend was the love of my life... I lost the love of my life...*sigh*.. anyways... i ve moved on.. Yea the hell u have... Gotta move on... Whatever...

My morning today started with the Song "King of wishful Thinking" By "go west"... it really is a nice jumpy song... Ive always liked it.... I really am the king of wishful thinking... Anyways this was a nice morning song.... Office was okay as usual... My office is really good for me... I helps me pass my day in a good way... And my office lunch buddies are great... i really have fun with them alot.... Work was alot and good... Did some good work today.... It was nice... 5 pm started listening to the rush hour show... Which was really good... This week the show has been great... Yes my mid day checkpoint... :P Thorough out the day i was listening to my addiction "Decode".... which was good.. It helped me work good and quickly.... good Music really gets me going.. and enables me to do some really good work.... Anyways.. music was good today.... Had almost everything... Coldplay, Bon jovi, skid row.. i cant remember much but it was really good.... Got home.. and was really tired... My tiredness from yesterday was still there.... It had caught up with me.... So i slept... Had some weird dreams agains.. these short naps really cause u to have some really weird dreams... I Mean dreams that u can never imagine... Anyways.. Got up .. Had dinner.. My moms awesome Alloo ke parathay... Since bhindi ghost is not my thing... :P ... Then just did nothing....

One of my friends is really confused about the future today.. My advice to my friend... Stop thinking about the future... things will work out.. they eventually do.. Allah has ways to balance things out... It may take time and sometimes really long time.. but things will balance out.. So stop worrying about the future and live in the present... And Enjoy.. Have funn...

The song of the day as u people might have guessed by now is "decode" by paramore... :P Really awesome song.. the voice of hayley williams is so haunting.... "how did we get here..."...Anyways.. People.. Take care.. Have fun.. Smile...



PS: How did we get here.. When i used to know you so well... How did we get here.. Well i think i know...
on Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Im really too tired to write anythng.... Today was really hectic and kinda long day.. But went good... I think my last nights good mood had its aura over me today... I was feeling just fine... :P My head is spinning right now.. This is gona be a short post.... I recently been going through some blogs and i found out that pakistan really has a big blogging community.. Maybe its not that big but i didnt know that they were so many people blogging.... Well its kinda nice to know... Khair... I have bad back pain today... Must be becoz of all the driving... Office was okay.. went well... Had an individual meeting with my manager today... discussed some serious stuff... After office went out with my mom and cousin for shopping... Which was okay... After that my friends had made a plan of a good gathering.. So went their... Drove up to Pir Sohawa first time myself.. Which was a nice experience.... It was a nice evening.. had fun.. Good food.. good company.. good weather...

Musically it was good day but my head is spinning too much for me to remember what i listened to today... :P I know i listened to "On Call" by KOL.. Which is a regular part of my day these days....The song of the day i think should be "present Tense" by Pearl JAm... Anyways .. ADIOS.. Take Care.. Have Fun...

Present Tense:

PS: We should live in the present tense....
on Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Mann... Im really in a good mood right now... Yea i hate to admit it but i really am... Some of you who catch some of my post from time to time might be wondering... What happened to this morose personality of mine... Well its not right here at the moment.. :P Maybe tomorrow... Well the reason behind my good mood is a number of small things.... I think i said in one of my previous posts that there are really small things during the day that make the day for you and you really need to hold on to those things.... Well a major thing behind my good mood is that my salary got transferred today... And i ended up getting a really good bonus... I mean really good :P... Its a really good feeling when you work really hard and at the end of the month you get what you deserve.... It makes you feel like your doing something worthwhile.... Anyways.. Enough of me and my good mood... The day didn't start of so good actually.. i was sleepy and the work was not that good.. Actually i had to work on a project i don't like and i was avoiding it.. But in the end of the day i had to do it.... So morning was not that good... Things started to get better with lunch and after that... And work got a little better.....

Was listening to the evening rush hour show while working as usual... The last hour of my work at office is accompanied by the rush hour show... Which was good today.. and mostly is... Listened to some goood music... Rush hour show is my mid-day checkpoint... Even though its the evening but i treat as my mid day.... I like to divide my day into checkpoints.. it helps in passing the day....

Reached home and relaxed for a while... then went to hang out with my friends at their place... They have finally set their room.. Which is good... I really enjoy the time with them... People who make you laugh and make you feel like your not just passing your time and that your really enjoying it... And make you feel like life is great... I have lot of those people... I call them people instead of friends because their really are my people... There are my friends.... I am really blessed by Allah for having so many friends... Everybody has their vices.. Hell i know.. I have alot of them.... Its whats in their heart that really matters.... Im really blessed to be with people with great hearts... Love You all...

Do you believe in that thing ... that someone looks at a couple and says "those two were meant to be together"... Well i wasnt so sure about it till recently... i think i have started believing in this thing... Today i saw a couple and i though to myself the same thing.. They were really meant to be together... First time i really thought this when i saw my brother and my future sister-in-law... Now those two i really believe are meant to be together... Awesome couple... :D

Musically today was great i think... it had everything.. thts another thing behind my good mood... It had some 90's music.. some new music. even some pop.. :P "Summer of 69" i remember.. Also love hurts by incubus... "On Call" by kings of leon.. Now this is one of those songs currently ... which i can listen to the whole day and not get bored.. This song i think inspires..it inspired me to work today... :P Also heard "Sour Girl" by stp another great song.. I think you get my point... Music was great today....However the song of the day (which is suiting my current good mood) is "love song for no one" by John Mayer... this is a awesome cute song... This really is my love song.. :D.. Anyways.. ADIOS... Take Care.. Have Fun... looking forward to watch the arsenal V Man U match... It would be a great day today if arsenal end up beating Man U.. But i kinda doubt it.. But i believe... :P Keep Smiling people... And Make others laugh and smile....

Love Song For No One:

PS: Never underestimate the power of the words " I'd like that"...Watch the video above got it from that....