on Sunday, May 24, 2009
Just a regular sunday.. Went by without anything bad happening.. thank God it went okay.. We should thank God for everyday that goes by without anything bad happening to you and your people... It was another kinda a relaxing day.. Had no tension.. Tomorrow the routine starts again... Will have to do everything again... Lets see whats the next week has got enstored for us... Hope it goes good... Need a good week under my belt... Its around 1am now... So really tired.. Just had something to eat... had take away from rayyan's on my way back from my friends today... Not gona write much... Its just gona be a short post... Had been writing some heavy stuff recently.. So gona lay low for a while... Anyways.. The day was good... But just have to go back to work tomorrow again.. So thats a downer...

Music was fine today but can't think of any... Im in weird mood rite now becoz im gona choose a jason mraz song as the song of the day.. The song is "You And I both".. I can't believe ive chosen a jason mraz song as the song of the day.. Anyways.. Enjoy the song... I came across this song due to a blog today.. Not too bad a song.. Khair.. take care.. Have fun..

You And I Both:

PS:.. Fucking Monday again....


Anonymous said...

so the monday morning blues already, eh?

sleep well..goodnight!