Another Lonely Day

on Thursday, May 14, 2009
Another lonely day is a sad song about how a persons life is so miserable.... How he ends up lonely in the end... How things were not meant to be for him.. And how he rather walk alone then to chase something that wont be... I kinda disagree with stuff... If somethings doesnt happen.. people say that it wasn't meant to be... Thats just the way of people to move on from something.. But i think that if sumthings doesnt happen we shouldnt say it wasnt meant to be.. We should say that it just didn't happen.. that it was meant to be but it just didnt happen... Because how will you know how it wasnt suppose to happen.. You cant just say something without knowing it... Anyways.. I was going through one of the blogs of this person that came back after sometime to blogging actually five years... And she wrote something that i kinda liked alot... it was

"Life has no pattern, there aren't any rules. Nothing is certain, nothing is constant. You wake up one day and realise that everything you knew and believed in was basically a lie. what then? everyday life becomes unbearable, there is no escape from suffocation. you become a victim of a game you created yourself because you weren't paying attention. mistakes don't get erased. experience doesn't mould us, it distorts us. everything you've worked for slips right out of your hands and you stand there dumbfounded. when life comes crashing down around you. what is there to do but stand motionless, unable to move, unable to speak, unable to process... "
By IceMaiden

I mean this is so true... You cant do anything.. You just pretend and sometimes get into the moment of enjoying life sometimes.. It moves on.. We cant do anything.. All we can do is take it as it comes.. Because somethings just "Don't" happen...

Day was a bad day.. It was just one of those days... had a headache.. Work wasnt good... Actually was kinda mad at some stuff at office.. Which kinda kept me mad the whole day.. though it was fun with my office friends.. Lunch helped.. Just the day went by.. The music on the rush hour show was good.. It kinda soothed the day.. After work went to do some small errands.. Got something to eat.. Then got some chips from home too... :P watched "House" for like 10 mins.. then didnt wana watch anymore.. then did nothing at all..

The load shedding is back.. i hate load shedding.. i mean we have got other things to worry about... Another thing thats really the hot topic in the country these days is the "IDPs".. Internally displaced persons.. i think.. Yea they are the refugees from the northern areas like swat bonear etc.. Thats a really big problem for the country now... they are around 1 million now and could rise upto 1.5 million... We have got to help these people.. Im not helping coz i just dont know y.. Im just a selfish person.. khair i think there are alot of people doing alot of good stuff so i just wanted to praise them and say keep up the good work.. Theres alot of information present on the site http: // regarding the IDPs... Lets just pray that everything goes well..

The Songs of the day today.. yes they are 2.. are "Another lonely day" by Ben harper and "Collide" by howie day.. they are the kinda songs ive been running away from lately but i just decided to make these the songs of the day.... Anyways.. ADIOS.. Take Care.. Have Fun...

Another Lonely Day:


PS: I miss you....