on Saturday, May 23, 2009
Daughters really are the shining light of this world... They are the brightness in every home they are in... They really are the smile on their parents faces... Daughters are the one who keep everyone happy... And since every one is happy so everyone around those happy people become happy.. Hence you see its the Domino affect... daughters really are the cause of happiness in this world.... Today was saturday.... And it really was a relaxing Saturday for me becoz the last week was really tiring for me... I enjoyed my downtime.... Today i wrote a post on my Blog entitled "About a girl" during my downtime... Which has turned to be quite a the controversial post as it proved quite painful for the few readers i have... Im sorry if it made anyone sad.. You people should know that it made my heart feel a little lighter after writing that post... So i feel good... I Never knew writing stuff would have such a lightening (dont know if thats a word..) affect on me... I wish i could do some writing with a direction... I wish i could do some writing which followed the rules...But im no writer so i can't write like that.. Anyways today was good... Friends and family were one the menu.. So it was nice.... Oh yea also "pakoras" and "jalebii" and for dessert there was "death by chocolate".. :P AS u can see food wise it was a colorful day...

Musically it was slow as weekends usually are... The song of the day is "Daughters" by john mayer... John mayer has become one of the recent persons whose music and especially the lyrics to his songs ive started to like.. He really is a good song writer.... Anyways... take care.. And enjoy the rest of the weekend..




PS: Looking forward to watching the finale of Supernatural tonight....


Anonymous said...

writing always makes one feel better.. :)

now I want jalebis..tomorrow first thing in the morning will be jalebis.. :D

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Lol.. yea nothing like a good hot jalebi in the morning... :P