So wats up?

on Sunday, May 17, 2009
So wats up?.. what u doing... I hope ur doing okay.. Im doing alrite i think... Trying to deal with life.... Do you miss me?.. i hope you do a little a bit.. I hope you remember me... I hope you know that im still there... A part of me doesnt want you to miss me... And wants you to move one... And forget about me...And be great and happy and awesome like you are... So you keep smiling your beautiful smile forever... A part of me wants that you never forget me.. And that you miss me now and then... But thats just life... It isn't supposed to make sense.. But one thing i do know is that i hope i see you in the afterlife... So that we can share our life experiences... So that we can catch up.. So that we can once again say to each other...So wats up....