The Little things

on Saturday, May 9, 2009
Hello everyone... Hope everybody is doing okay... I've said hello after a really long time... The little things... Hmm.. Yea i cant say that enough... Its the little things in life that matter... Not the bigger things.. Because the bigger things mostly fade away.. Hold On to the little things... They'll get you through this life... Thinking about bigger and heavier things will always get u depressed and sad... Anyways.. I've listened to this song lately called "I kill her" by Soko... This is a really interesting song... It makes me laugh... The song is actually really sad.. The lyrics are sad... I feel really sorry for the girl... I like the way shes all so direct... Saying whatever comes in her mind.. I like direct things.. Direct people.. Direct Everything.. I dont like Cryptic stuff... Another song that i like because of its directnes is Natasha BedingField's "i wana have your Babies"... Even though its not my type of music.. But the song is direct.. I mean you cant get more direct than telling someone that you wana have their babies.. :P

Im Still listening to my addiction... "Decode" by paramore.. cant stop listening to it... I really like hayley william's voice... Creative woman inspire me.. Theres something about them that makes me wana do something... Or maybe woman inspire me in general.. :P LOL.. thts funny.. yea it think thats about right..

Anyways.. today was saturday.. It was good to wake up late on a saturday.. Straight after waking up went out with dad to do some bank stuff and then went to get my car's stuck door fixed.. which has been stuck for ages now.. Finally its fixed now.. Dont know for how long.. Then got back Home... After a while finally went to by some suits for my brother's wedding.. Which is in july for those who dont know.. Got my suits finally... Even though its pretty early but my mom wanted to get things out of the way.. So shes happy now..

Watched some F1 today.. Changed the template for my blog.. I wasnt into changing the template but the last one was too boring.. This one atleast has something... After that went out in search of a gift for mom for mother's day.. Picked up a friend.. Searched alot.. F10.. jinnah super was mainly closed becoz of some protest.. So went to meet up with some other friends.. Went and played some snooker.. After that i continued my search.. Finally found something.. Got mom this cute little purse thingy and a pocket mirror.. It was okay i guess.. Got it wrapped and all.. She liked it.. She wud have liked anything i would have given.. Love Her...

Song of the day today is "Umeed" by Qayaas.. Qayaas is a new isloo band... I think the only optimistic thing about pakistan right now is the rock music that is coming up from all the major cities... The lyrics are getting better.. And music and composition are better too... Umeed is a typical song from a isloo underground band.. but i like it.. Its a sad song.. Something better and a little different.. Btw Qayaas is gona have a unplugged performance at the chopstick restaurant in super market.. Tomorrow.. I think the entry ticket is 1000.. Those of you who want.. can check them out there... Anyways.. That all.. Take Care.. Have Fun...

I'll Kill HER:


PS: Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there and especially to my mom....