I'm Back!!! Actually i never left :)

on Friday, October 16, 2015
So guys i'm back!!! Shit it has been so long. Like almost 3 years!!! which went by like a Japanese bullet train. Writing this i realize that i really miss the times i used to blog regularly. I loved interacting with and following my blogger family. They were my support system. They have helped me through some really tough times. And i'm glad that i had that time here.

So Coming to the big news... Drum roll please... I'm Married.. Yayy!!.. I've been happily Married Alhamdulillah for more than 2 years now.. And funny thing is i'm married to the person that my last post is directed at.. The person who was interested in my blog :P

I stopped writing since i couldn't find any reason to write anymore. Now i'm writing because my Wife's birthday is up and Shes always been jealous that i haven't written a blog on her. :) Things you write that come back to haunt you right :)

Well i'm gona start by sharing the things that i've learned so far.

Love is nothing until you start living with the person you think that your in love with. Until you spend each and every minute of your life either physically and emotionally with that person. Until you feel the emptiness feeling inside of you when you go away from them. Until you've moved on from all the lovey doveyness and after you've had all the fights and anger controlling moments. Until you move on from all the hot steamy sex. Until you've been there for each other in your most vulnerable moments (and that person is the only one that understands that that specific moment was your most vulnerable).
Until you've had a baby with the person and gone through the pressures of raising a baby. Of going through sleepless and tireless nights accompanied by a crying baby. Until you've handled with them the complexities of living in a joint family system. Until you've gone through all the highs and lows.
 I can honestly and happily say that i'm totally and completely and absolutely in love with my Wife. The person who i live with and share each and everything of mine. She really is in the true sense of the words "My Everything".
Happy Birthday My Love. Thanks for all the great and memorable times so far. And hopefully we will continue to have them for the rest of our live.

PS: Sorry for the being late with this post :)