on Friday, March 20, 2009
So today was friday... still is actually 30 mins are left... So friday the "mubarik" day or atleast it should be... it should be celebrated... it should have some importance in our life but it doesnt... the first thng guys like me thnk when friday comes is.. "yar aaj toh jumma bhi parhana paray ga"... i mean most of the ppl think ths.. ok maybe not most but the general population.. Im not here to judge anyone .. i really dont like to judge.. And hate it when ppl judge me.. So no judging people..( and this was definitely not a pun at the current judicial situation of our country).. So where were we.. yea friday.. i think i should forget about the religious aspect and talk about it some other time because i really dont want my blog to be about religion..

Friday.. Well i think its safe to say hasnt been a good luck charm for me.. or i should rather say me and a really good friend of mine.. becuase in my university life..( Yess the good old days.. * still missing them*..) if something bad were to happen it used to happen on friday.. i mean it was always like a freaky friday for us.. Dont know about now.. coz i have stopped remembering the bad days since they are so often but friday used to be bad luck... Shit man .. this blog is getting boring.. * yawn*..

Chalo lets talk about today.. well today was generally a bad day. (*trying to remember when was the last good day*).. the badness of the day is largely based upon me getting stuck in office at last moment when i was abt to leave.. i mean this fucking prjct..( *stops and thinks this is the world wide web..accessible to my manager :P).. before 6 Pm it was a really chill day coz of not alot of work and LOADSHEDDING ZINDABAD... During that time i was thinkng abt what the hell i was gona write on today's blog.. which i cudnt thnk of.. so i decided to search for the song of the day.. Initially while i was coming to office i heard this song on the radio..... which i thot could be a contender.. it was "Dont you forget about me" by the "simple minds"... yes it is a love song and yes these days i really hate love songs.. but i dont know y (maybe it was the title of the song) but it attracted me... Also this song appears in a really cool movie "the breakfast club".. which is a good watch when ur in a different kind of mood... It is basically a cult movie... the movie is based on a bunch of high school kids stuck in detention on a saturday... the whole movie is shot in that high school.. if ur in the mood of sumthn different plz do watch it.. how the hell i started talking about a movie.. Khair.. choro..

After 6 i was really pissed off coz i had to sit in office and work on a stupid prjct..( i will get fired if my manager reads this.. ) So becoz i was pissed off i started listening to alot of songs from "3 days grace".. Now this is a band full of anger i mean.. if ur in the mood of smashing sumthn and cant find anythn or if ur like me and its really not in ur nature to smash stuff.. u shud listenin to this band... its really calms u down a little and gets u going.. Specially there vocalist (Adam Gontier) has such anger in his voice... and yes they are direct in their lyrics.. i mean one of their song has the lyrics that "i dont care if u live or die.. i just dont care".. i mean isnt this wheshiii...

This blog is getting long and boring.. and im really not in the mood of any creative writing... I think i should just get down to the song of the day... well the song of the day is "CREEP" by "Stone temple pilots". (yes i chose the blog name becoz of the song).. i heard this song only once today (on my way back home after the long day).. but have been listening to it quite alot lately.. This song has killler lyrics.. i mean if i had written this song.. i would have said to myself that i had done sumthn in my life... It hards to have a best line but i think "Im half the man i used to be".. will be in my top 3... So u have to listen to this song... Even if u hate rock or grunge.. atleat read the lyrics.. just do it.. :P

Im realy not feeling up for writing today.. ( how the hell did i write so much shit?).. Anyways.. ADIOS for today..



Breakfast Club Torrent:

PS: i know this blog makes no sense.. just listen to the song...