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on Saturday, August 22, 2009
I think 50 first thoughts are a little to much for me but ill just write how much i can...

1. I have been feeling a bit better for the last couple of days.

2. Happy wedding anniversary to my parents. The truly happily ever after ive seen.(like the one in the movies).

3. Office is gona be tough in office, now that my team is a little bit depleted.

4. I really get my act straight for ramadan , havent really being praying that much lately.

5. Please God forgive me for everything.

6. Forgive me for my depressive and pessimistic nature.

7. I really wana make my parents happy and proud of me.

8. Fuck just got to know that i would have to spend time today in office becoz of chand right.. Really not liking this operations job of mine...

9. Now im not in a good mood.

10. Khair anyways this is life have to deal with it.

11. Really living life day by day now.

12. Im thinking im gona cut this short.

13. Shit man i really wanted to spend sometime with my parents today since its their wedding anniversary.

Thats it sorry bitter just not in the mood for writing anymore.. Thanks for the tag.. :)


Americanising Desi said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents :)

and hey have a 2 b contd for this!

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

yea maybe i will..

Closed eyes... said...


At least, you did it and may your parents live a long healthy life. May God bless us all.