Best Comment Ever

on Friday, September 4, 2009
Okay following is the best comment i have ever received on my blog... Thanks alot to the anonymous person..... I was going to work right now in my regular gloomy way but right now i feel much better.. Ready to kick some ass...
Dude I can't help laughing at your writings. And it's not that I am laughing at your miseries but the fact that not long ago I was exactly in the same situation. No one can understand your situation better than me. And what a conincidance I worked in operations too. And believe me my condition was so worse that I had to take medication(efexor n stuff) for arrnd 2 years. Trust me dude even this time will pass. As they say,'waqt o nai reya, tr rehna ae wi nai'.

Dude by God shez not worth it. Let me guess u think u won't get someone like her again. That's total bullshit. There r millions of girls out there which are way better than her. And trust me if u wanna be happy in your life come out of this illusion called love. Being a man you should never ever be emotionally dependant on a girl. The moment u ll lose ur guard she ll leave u.

You are not at all weak or anything and crying won't make you any less of a man. But u should get a grip and make your parents happy. Focus on ur career. You should make her know what she missed. But if u ll be all broken she ll never regret her decision.

I am telling u all this coz I know such(not all, there are pretty nice ones out there too) girls are not worth more than a nice shag. And I know u can come outa it coz if I cud anyone can.

Once again never ever depend emotionally on a girl coz that's where u start to lose. It men on whom women depend and not vice verca.

My appologies for being too emotional.

Been there, done that.

Ps. There's plenty of fish in this sea. Happy fishing ;)


Americanising Desi said...


and if this one had a name you'd b annoyed.. let me add that :)

rock on!

Closed eyes... said...

:] Awesomeness. Stay happy and the P.S was something someone said to me the first and the last time my heart was cracked!