So it finally caught up to me

on Sunday, July 25, 2010
So my self-pleasuring depression has finally caught up to me... All those sleepless nights have finally got my health in a choke hold.... I have fallen pray to my depression and it has started affecting my health... The first time it happened.. I just ignored it.. Just didn't wana think about it.. And now it has happened the second time and it front of everyone... Now almost everyone knows that something is wrong.. And im just telling them that everything is okay... I need to get out of it now.. Coz this seriously is freaking out my parents... I mean they don't deserve it.... I need to make myself better... I need to make myself feel better...And this time i really am trying.... My advice to everyone out there who may think they are in something similar... Just don't be like me.... And Good luck with everything...


Komal Ali said...

Stay happy. Try to find a motivation.

Uni said...

What's the trouble??
*even more confused*