You want me to beg

on Saturday, July 9, 2011
Ok i know i haven't been around the blog but i just wanted to get somethings out.... So when someone like me has gotten up to someone and expressed his or her feelings its a pretty hard thing .. Its like once in a life time thing... So its sad to say that this person might not be able to do the same thing ever again in his or her life... Which means he or she would never find someone he might like or even love ever again coz they might just not have the strength to do it again... So only thing possible would be for that person which this person (like me) likes would come up to this person themselves and say what this person wants to say to them... (I hope someone gets me)... But thats like in one in a million chance to happen... So have no clue what will happen.... Anyways... Yes i like you... I don't wana say i love you cause i only want to say that when theres not a single doubt in my mind.... And yes probably i'm not going to say this to you cause probably i don't really have the strength anymore.. I kinda am trying to build up the strength but your really not helping.... But that's not your fault either cause you have to be sure about what you wana do and so on... Plus you deserve someone who will first court you than go through all the practices that first happen before he deserves your time etc etc... Anyways... I don't know whats going to happen... But right now i just want to say that i'm gona try my best to keep you happy.... Bye for now


nZ! said...

Just give it sometime, be sure of your feelings before expressing them, you will find strength once your feelings strengthen! =)

All the best!