on Saturday, May 15, 2010
So im in lahore rite now and my mamoo is in coma.. I mean things are so weird when a person close to your family is in coma.. You mostly know that the person is going to pass away.. That only a miracle will save them.. Sometimes i wish this was one of grey's episodes and mcdreamy would be the hero and save the patient with one of his remarkable surgeries... But this is real life and bad things mostly happen.. Its almost 2 years ago that my tayaa went into a coma.. And my dad and all of us had to go through it all.. And now my mom and her family is going through it all especially my mamii and her kids... My nani is in depression which is also the worst and scary... Its just so sad and fucked up but this is life and people just have to deal with it.. All we can do is go through it all and cry with them and just try to deal with it in best possible way.. I just hope everything happens for the best... Today was my first day of my first half of annual leaves... Yesterday was pretty bad.. Today was the worst.. Im just hoping the rest of my annual leaves arent the same.. Please pray for a miracle.. Thats all we can do..


Anonymous said...

i can assure you everything does happen for the best, Alhumdulillah. at this time it will sound horrible to your mami and her kids but soon it will be fine, inshallah. Prayers for your mamoo.

This has happened in my family.

Rahomie said...

i can relate.
Life really does suck at times.

Hopefully, everything happens for the best. All you can do is pray.

Prayers for him, from my side.

Alpha Za said...

Insha'allah you'll get your miracle.

It must be extremely hard on the family.

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Thank u all for ur comments..