Hips Dont Lie

on Monday, April 27, 2009
How do we do this... how do we say helloo to someone... how do we really do it.. Saying helloo to someone in real life maybe really difficult ... Thats the biggest problem in life.. "Communication".. we people dont communicate... The biggest issue is communication gap.... All the wars and conflicts and stuff..terrorism is due to lack of communication... Communication in life is really important.. In relationships, in jobs, in sports, in almost anything... The solution of almost everything is communication.... Maybe im not right but atleast half of it maybe right...

How is it that a person is so distracted by someone... The mere name of that person can have an affect on you and your emotions... Thats so cool.. as in human nature... How Allah has made us this way... Anyways... "Hips dont lie"... hahahaha... nice name rite... Well its not because of the shakira song.. Its because of the fray cover of this song.. which is kinda really funny... Even though i dont like fray and i sometimes have to listen to their song But they really made a fun cover of this song.. hence the name of the post.... Khair.. Mondaysss... Well i may have told u this before but mondays are some what not that bad for me.. i really dont know y but its just my thing.. Even though i had headache today.. Slept late last night as usual.. which was not good... So the beginning of the day was mixed.... I started a day with i think a morning song.. Its a cute sweet and shinny song... :P its "5 years time" by "noah and whale"... Its just a funny morning song... Kinda made me feel good... Work was alot today... i mean aik project khatam nhi hota tha toh dosra aa jata hai.. :P Anyways.. kinda felt good the work and lunch was nice... I worked good and left xactly on time.. And my manager gave me that "hmm.." wali look.. :P

Stayed at home today.. maybe going out tomorrow so stayed at home today... Which in beginning was nice but got bad as the time went by... koi nai times like these happen... Musically today was really good... mostly because of the rush hour show on fm 89... Music was good and of variety... listened to some third eye blind... To KOL's "on call"... The black crows "she talks to angel"... Soundgarden's "black hole sun".. awesome song... But the song of the day is "Collide" by Dishwalla... This song has some really good memories... And it really is a good song....
When i came here there was more
Now ive come back to destroy
And ive got nothing left
And its a shame what we've become
when we hurt the ones we love
And its a place i cannot go, Anymore

When we collide we lose ourselves
When we collide we break in two
And as we push and as shove and we hurt the ones we love
Its a hard mistake
When we collide, we break

These are some good lyrics....Anyways.. going now... take care have fun...