I want you to want me

on Saturday, April 11, 2009
Helloo Everyone... Hope everyone had a good Saturday...And had fun.... Today was however a sleepy day... Yea people it was one of those days where you sleep majority of the day... i guess for employed people like me days like this should happen even though they maybe useless but they can help you relax or sumthn... So i woke up around 2 today... Went and watched some tv... Had lunch..
Watched a movie on star movies after a really long time... I really dont watch any tv these days.. The movie was "Gone baby Gone"... yea i know its a cheezy title.. The movie was about a 3 year old girl getting kidnapped and all the complexities that went with it... Its directed by ben affleck and starred his brother casey affleck... it was a okay movie... not bad.. passed my afternoon... Than the light went at 4... So had nothing to do.. so i slept again... :P

Woke up around 6... Had the evening tea and all... then went out to hang out with some of my friends... since its saturday and all.. Turned on the radio and its was my favourtie rj doing a show.. So some good music was on.. I had planned to have a big gathering of my friends but eventually it was just me and another friend.. :P.. ok this friend of mine is always the dependable one.. I mean whenever u call him his free for u.... hahahahaha.. thanx bhaiyae for always being there... Lub ya...

So we went to PKG to sit around.. Had sheesha.. and chaiyae.... put on some good music and just chilled... Called another friend of mine because i was missing him... hes in america these days.. he was having fun doing bunjee jumping and stuff which was goood... Anyways.. its was nice.. Got up from there... had a washroom break at KFC...:D.. there i heard a song which is going to be the song of the day..(thats y mentioning the washroom break at KFC was important....)..From there we decided to check out the new restaurant in saidpur village...Dais Perdais.... It was a really nice place... with really nice atmosphere...its next to a hill which looks awesome... Also the moonlight was just cool today.... Food im not sure about coz lately i dont like eating.. Anyways... They have golas there.. U know the ice sickles with different syrups poured over it... I remember it from my school days... U know the rairee walas with golas used to hang out outside the school... Some nice memories... After dinner had kulfi falooda from there which was nice though expensive... Went home after that... Overall its a really good place so do check it out...

Soo... Now we get down to music... Most of the time i slept so not much new music i listened to today... It was just the good old stuff.. Like 3 days grace, pearl jam, STP and stuff.... Listened to a song i think i listen to everyday on the radio so i think i should finally mention it...Its "lost" by coldplay... Now this songs music and lyrics are totally opposite.. the music is okay and happy... and the lyrics are really good and depressing... Like "Just because im hurting.. doesnt mean im hurt ... doesnt mean i didnt get what i deserved..No better no worse..."... These are some really nice lyrics... Its a goood song...Other than this i listened to the song "i want you to want me" by Letters to cleo...Its from the soundtrack of 10 things i hate about you... this is a really nice movie and its my all time favourite high school movie... And the song is goood... Hmm... I have really bad headache today.. So lets just get to the song of the day..its "it must have been love" by roxette... i really dont know why i chose this song becuase its really not my taste of music but i just decided it in a spur of the moment.. Khair.. itna bhi bura song nhi hai... Chalo people got to go... Take care...


I want you to want me:

It must have been love:

PS: GoodBye day