Losing my religon

on Thursday, April 16, 2009
Good day everyone.. Hope everyone is doing good and i hope the best for u all...( Yea im in that mood again...) ... So today was thursday... I think i was a little harsh to thursday on my last thursday blog... Thursday has some importance in our lives.. Its not totally ignored... :P (Just making my peace with thursday..... (yea im that creepy person who thinks days are persons...:P) )... Anyways... i woke up today with the same time lag... actually was kinda late for work today.. i say kinda becoz my offiicial time is 10 but i like to go early so i can leave on time... So today u can say i was on time... :P My time lag maybe had sumthn to do with me staying up late last nite (Like i dont do that every day..:P)becoz of the arsenal match.. which was great coz we won 3-0... :D.. Watch out Man U... Anyways.. reached office on time.. Was feeling sleepy like yesterday.. but had work so i didnt have the luxury of sleeping on the job.. Plus i needed my extra time for checking mail and facebooking and stuuf... :P

Read my friend vicky's blog as usual... Its getting deeper.. i think he has similar issues as me.. Both he and I have lost a friend.. who we miss alot... :P Khair 128 days to go before he comes back to PAK... PKG pakka vicky... :D... after that i continued my work even though it was hard as i was sleepy and all... Went for lunch at the regular time... Man the time change has so messed things up...when u go out for lunch now u so have that 12 noon wali feeling.. Khair u have to deal with it... Otherwise lunch was good and fun as usual... I'd been planning to go to the play "Art" which i mentioned in my last post.. i wanted to go since it was free and the play was a dark comedy which i like...Khair.. this planning was side thing which went along through the day...

I listened to some good music after lunch... Some soundgarden, some pearl jam, the new radicals and my song from yesterday romeo and juliet... (Yes im listening to it right now..) this song is niiiccee yar... Khair... completed my work on time and got out from office on time.. I had asked couple of my friends to go the play but that didnt work out... As i got out of office at 6 and since the play was at 7 and it was in the adjacent building to my office so i decided to just roam around which i havent done in sometime now... Plus my rush hour show was on so i decided to just cruise.. Today was kinda the loner day for me then...( trust me i didnt plan to but it happened...) So i went to the play alone in the end... I said what the heck.. lets just go and see it... I reached there before time as usual and just sat in the lobby as they hadnt opened the doors for the audience... there was quite the crowd there.. Isloo is a small place.. alot of familiar faces... I enjoyed the fact that i was probably the only one alone their.. and the being the mysterious guy...:P I was their just observing people.. No i wasnt doing "pooondii"...:P even though their was alot of poondi material there...( Stop using that word....) ... Observing is sumthn much different than "Not saying the word again"... Observing has sumthn sophisticated and educated associated with it... While "Poondi"(what the heck... im just using it..) has sumthn barbaric or sumthn animalistic associated with it... :P.. Plus i dont do poondi alone... (No fun in that...) Khair.... where were we... Oh yes.... the play... the play started arnd 7:30.. It was border line great...(Yes im using the word borderline alot these days...) .. I mean its really goood... It was a dark comedy... Basically about the complexities of the relationship of friendship... And it was really witty and clever... The right words were used at the right time... And the tempo of the play was good... It really involved the crowd.. khair...It was good to see the isloo crowd enjoying some good theater.... Anyways.. the play was fun.... I enjoyed... Hurried home ... On my way back heard a couple of songs that i really sang my lungs out too.. First one was.. "seven nation army"... And the second was Nickleback's "how you remind me"... Enjoyed that too.. Overall it was a nice day...

The song of the day for today is "fall to pieces" by "velvet revolver"... This is really great and simple song... And the music and lyrics are great... Must listen song if your missing someone...Khair... have fun people... Enjoy.. take care.. ADIOS

Fall to pieces:

PS: Still listening to romeo and juliet...