To be with you

on Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Helloo all... "To be with you" is a song by Mr big... and its a really cuute song.. and i have some sad feelings associated with this song.. But its good...Anyways today was not such a good day.. But what else do u want.. Why doesnt the heart and mind stops wanting... they always want... They just cant stop... The best thing in life is ur heart just stops wanting and thrs just peace of heart and mind... Khair.. today was a regular day... got to work in time... did general stuff... read vickys blog.. heavyy.. other than that just nothing.. I really dont know what to do.. Im just staring into the abyss but pretending to be rise and shine..... I really am in the words of lifehouse.. damaged goods at best... My saturnine feeling is still being continued....

Work was slow and steady before lunch... The weather was geting rough.. was raining really hard.. We couldnt sit in jinnah super so ran to the car.. ate there... Rain i didnt like today.. i tried to enjoy it but failed... Got back to work.. tried some new things... tried to leave on time.. partially succeeded in that... Helped out a friend today... which is nice and all although im broke now.. :P Helping out friends i think is the one thing in my life right now... Got back to home... Decided to just stay at home... And that was it... Nothing special.. Just a regular useless day....

Music was okay today... Heard soundgarden's "fell on black days"...

Whatsoever Ive feared has come to life
Whatsoever Ive fought off became my life
Just when everyday seemed to greet me with a smile
Sunspots have faded
And now Im doing time
Cause I fell on black days

I really love the song.. Its really cool...These lines really say what i feel... i really have fell on black days... But im hanging on... Another song i listened to today is 3 days grace's "Drown"... thats probably the song of the day... Drown is a really great song.. At first u may not like it.. But after sometime u get into that zone.. And slowly lets you drown in the song.... Its a zone wala song... Anways... these day i really am not in the mood for writng... But somehow i do it a little.... ADIOS people... Take care... Enjoy


PS: Good Bye Day....