Sunday Bloody Sunday

on Sunday, April 5, 2009
Good morning Sunday... :P yes today was a sunday... But another suicide bomb attack... I mean what the hell went wrong man... How this is happening every single day.... Today happened in chakwal at a Imam bargah ... Somebody really wants to destabilize our country.. And thing is there are so many people who want to destabilize our country... US , india, iran, taliban God knows who else... Everyone wants a piece of Pakistan.... The only way things like this can be dealt with is by having a strong leader... which we can never have.. hence... we are doomed... :P... No ppl we shouldnt loose hope we shudnt just leave everything upto Allah.... The best thing we can do is keep doing the jobs we are supposed to do... Just try to live normal lives.. And pray to Allah.. We need to start saying namaz and stuff like that... And hope for the best... We cant let these people be the control of our lives.... And we do need a vacation from the media.. maybe that way the people who want to spread fear among the population may fail... Ohh maybe thats a solution... Stop all news channels... No news for a month or so... Seriously we shud think abt this... The people who are behind these attacks want to destablize the country and spread fear among the population... And they are using the Media to carry out their plan... So I say Stopp all news channelss... Down with GEO... :P :P...hahahaahah... (This is not such a bad idea waisay)....

Anways.. other than the bomb blast it was a regular old sunday.. spent mostly with family .. and thats how it shud be.. max time on a sunday shud be given to family... Although one of my old school frnds did come in the afternoon.. and also i went out in the evening to my frnds place...(hey where did the family time go.. :P :P ...You hypocrite.. :D)... No i did spend time with my family... Hanging out with frnds is a just routine thing now :P....

Musically today was slow... Not much music... Mostly listened to "deep inside of you" by third eye blind.. yes i still have it on repeat.. :P.... Also i listened to a old cool song.. one i almost forgot abt.. Its a really funny song and brings backs some memories.. Its "Scotty doesnt know" by "lustra".. yes its from "Euro trip".. "Akheeeer" movie... loads of fun.. anyways.. this song is fun.. and brings back the old times.. scotty doesnt know.. scotty doesnt know..scotty doesnt know.. :D
However the song of the day is "i remember you" by "skid row".. its a 80s rock ballad.. And a really good song... Yea another love song... I guess im out of my grunge phase and into the love song phase... :P.. But this really is a nice song... 80s era really had some good music.. Plus this song is really a good listen in the car.. so make a note of that.. :P... Anyways.. ADIOS people..

Scotty Doesnt Know: (EXPLICIT LYRICS..:P)

I remember you:

PS: The smallville chick (Kristen Kreuk) is hottt.... :D