on Friday, April 10, 2009
Helloo everyone... Today im in no mood for writing...Its just one of those days... Today was really useless day... I didnt do anythng at all.. I mean literally anythng... I just was not in the mood today for doing anythng... I think its safe to say.. Today was a bad day... Today started off normally with me going to office... when i reached there time felt as it had stopped... Every minute was going by at a snails pace... I just couldnt pass time... Some time went and one of my friends who i got started on blogging sent me his blog post for yesterday... it was really good and really deep... And about how he was missing one of his really close friends who had passed away and how his friends are everythng to him... It was really moving... I feel the same way too sometimes...That friends are the best gift.. trust me people let everythng go but never let ur friends go... And especially one of ur really good friends... I have been guilty of that.. so im telling u from experience... I really miss my friend who i lost... Anyways back to the day... The extremely slow and boring day...

I listened to some incubus as there the ones im listening to these day... All the yesterdays songs... especially the yesterday's song of the day... So time maybe passed a little but still it was slow... I was going crazy... When time is slow u really start thinking about some weird stuff...Khair..

Since today was friday ...so went to faisal mosque to say jumma prayers... which is now becoming the regular place for jumma for me.. Its always nice to pray there... Had lunch at a restaurant in jinnah super called "Mr chips".. i had never had lunch their so it was nice and food was not that bad.... Had long lunch which helped a little in the day passing...

After lunch the time went even more slowly... Didnt do anythng... Was just watchn my wrist watch every second... Did little work.. It was a bad day at the office... (it was a bad day overall..)
As soon as it was six i literally ran from my office and drove as fast as i can.. Today i drove a little fast coz i wanted to get home.. Usually i drive slowly back from office as the rush hour show is on and i listen to it on my way.. It comes form monday to thursday... hence didnt have to drive slowly today...

Reached home did nothing.. sat a little with my parents... then got locked in my room and did nuthn.. Really didnt want to do anythng... Somehow i decided to watch a movie... Aur movie bhi indian... Can u believe me wathcn an indian movie.. I never watch indian movies unless on special occasion or by accident.. And lately im not even wathcn any kind of movies.. Khair.. It was "delhi 6".. Maybe i watched the movie becoz the girl(sonam kapoor)... :P (Yea shes cute..:D).. So it was a stop and start thing surf the net in between the movie.. The movie was okay.. it was actually going pretty well till the end.. I should explain what it was about and what i thot of it.. but im not in the mood of writing about it...All i say it has nice cinematography..

Musically as you could imagine it was a slow day too... Other than incubus listened to the "Sometime around midnight" by "the Airborne toxic event".. ive mentioned this song before in my blogs... Its a really good song... And the guy has a nice voice... Other than this the song i listened to is the song of the day.. Its "Storm" by lifehouse.. Yea i know i may have written some things against this band in some of my previous posts but i just dont care.. i just listened to this song today and decided to make it the song of the day... Anyways... Goodbye people... Hope everyone had a better day than mine.

Sometime around midnight:


PS: Goodbye Day