My friend of Misery

on Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Good day everyone... Hope everyone is doing fine and having fun... I have a question... Why is it that when memories are happening.. you dont know that they are going to be memories.. So u dont get to appreciate them until its too late... khair i guess that is life.. Today was not a bad day... today i woke surprisingly in a borderline good mood... :p i mean one of those days when ur feeling good just for no reason... I was washing my face and staring in the mirror ...laughing at myself..wondering wats wrong with me... :P anyways that was me in the morning.. Drove to office like that..

Office was not so good.. I mean i didnt have anythng to do till lunch.. Time was moving really slow.. Was just finding things to do.. Watched a little johnny quest on youtube... Brought back some memories of the day when watching this cartoon was the peak of my day... Life has really turned ,in the words of one my friend, "Jumping"... as in it consists of high and low nodes... It really has.. Anyways.. enjoyed my lunch today... Lunch time has turned into a really good time of the day for me.. I really look forward to it now... Gone are the times of me eating lunch alone...:P (yea i used to do that... Now i cant imagine myself doing that..) Anyways after lunch got some work.. Actually alot of work which i think is going to keep me busy for a couple of weeks now.... I knew that so i decided to get out of office on time today becoz im really not sure if ill be able to do that ths week....

I was accused of being a closeted nialist( or nihilist) today.. So i read abt it.... Nihilism basically means the philosophical view that life is without meaning.. and that the pointlesness of our existence... and stuff like that... Hmmm... i think im sure im not a nihilist.. :P

Anyways... got home.. watched some october road.. then went out to see a friend...( Okay tomorrow im definitely staying at home.. :P) ...Went to PKG.. Sat there for a while.. Wheshii weather.. Weshii winds.. i like the Andhii type of weather.. U know the weather just before the rain... Thats the perfect kind of weather.... Than the rain comes and ruins it all... Tried to get home early today and a partially succeeded in that... Got back and watched some more october road and now writing ths blog...

Musically today was okay...Today consisted of variety... Started of with elbow's "ground for divorce" which is a really cool song.. has a nice tone to it.. and ended up with some regular old bryan adams with "cuts like a knife" and "summer of 69"... Also listened to some paparoach today their new song.."Lifeline" which was nice.. Also heard some slipknot today after a very long time.. It was their song "Bad memories".. Man i still remember when i first heard their song "wait and bleed"... i must have been in 7th or 8th.. It so rocked.. Ahh my closeted rebel years... :P... Bad memories also sounds good.. Also heard some metallica with "cyanide".. however.. the song of the day is by the miserabilists coldplay.. Yes i like to call them that... yes there music permotes and atleast reminds me of miserabilism.. :P Khair.. their song "Such a rush" is the song of the day...What a song.. its possibly one of their best songs.. Atleast to me... its so balanced and soothing.. And lyrics are just ultimate..."Such a rush to do nothing at alll.... Such a rush to get nowhere at all"... Just cool... Thats all i have to say for today... take care people and try to appreciate the present because u never know when the present will turn into memories... ADIOS..

Such A rush:

PS: Right now Liverpool V chelsea.. And 3 mins from midnight which means 3 mins from 1 o'clock... :P