on Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Good day people... Im running out of welcome greetings...:P well come to think of it why do i even have a welcome greeting... Personally i liked the greeting which i used a couple of blogs ago.. i.e. "Good morning day"..(I know i dont write the blog in the morning..).. i just like it... yes i stole this from a 3 days grace song.. but anyways i like it... so its mine... im gona start my blogs of with it till i find a better one... So that being that... Today was a "nice" day... not much happened but it was nice... oh by the way today's april fools day... :P yea we used to try to make our friends fools when we were a little young but now it seems all a hassle.. and ur just not feeling up for it... Even though some friends were planning sumthn but it didnt go through.... Office was tiring today.. it seemed alot longer today for some reason...

I heard that green day have made a play out of their "american idiot" album... thats nice... When i heard that it gave me an idea that someone should make a play here too with the title "pakistani idiot".. being a satire on all the idiots in the this country we can think of...( yes im an idiot too...)... I think the theater scene is really firing up in our country these days... and hats off to the people who are behind that.. But theater can be used also to help the country and wake up the people or sumthn... Because in history theater was always a big part of a revolution.. and it should never go dead...

Oh i wrote almost two paragraphs without talking about music.. how did that happen.. ? :P.. Musically it was also a good day.. Though i cant seem to remember what i listened to in morning somehow... But i do remember it was sumthn easy going.. which is good... Today i went back to a band which i had stopped listening to for some personal reasons.... the band is "Carolina liar"... there are a good band... There are that sort of band who are easy to listen to and they do have good message in almost all there songs... Other than that there was some "tool" involved and some goo goo dolls....

Today i requested the song "the pot" by tool on the rush hour show on fm 89....( yes im lame i do request songs on the radio... But its my favorite show and its the only show i message into... plus a dig the rj..)...So the song wasnt played because it was accused of having some explicit lyrics... i mean what the hell... ok it has some explicit lyircs...but where on our radios songs like lil wayne's lolipop and 50 cent's candyshop can be played.. how the hell they cannot play "the pot"... I mean songs like the pot can cause a revolution...( yes im in a revolutionary mood today..).. A person who can understand the true meaning of the song...Can wake up from the deep sleep he has been put into by our politicians reality show... So the censorship for our radio needs to be looked into... And be controlled centrally by some open minded people...

Anyways... these days im not into the long blogs.. so lets get to the song of the day... Its "show me what im looking for" By "Carolina liar"...( yes i have it on repeat rite now..) This is a really cool song... with really cool lyrics.. The song is about how everyone is looking for some one to show them what they want in life... No one is ready to think for their selves and decide what they want in life... (thats just me thinking...)Or the song can be looked from the other way that.. everyone knows what they want in life but they are just not willing to put in the effort...and that they are just looking for someone to show them where tht thing is that they want....( Now im making no sense...i should leave:P..) the song also has the line "save me from being confused"... Confusion is such an awful state that everyone deserves to be saved from it...
Anyways.. its a great song... Got to go now... laterss..

Song of the day:

PS: Please somebody show me what im looking for.... :P


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