Whiskey Lullaby

on Thursday, April 23, 2009
Good day my happy people and those who arent... Hope all of you are doing good... My prays go out to you all even though i havent been praying that much lately... Yea another one of my regrets... khair... Whiskey lullaby is nice sad little song by "brad paisely and allison kraus".... Even though the video shows a nice ending.. This song is about life and all its tragic facts... which you can never stop hearing about.. All the different stories of different people consisting of the strangest of events.. Thats just life.... Anyways.. today was a regular day.. in the words of one my friends "just another day"... not bad not good... another day passed in our lives just like that... Today i think started of with me reading the status of one my friends...(Although he was my friend in 3rd or 4th grade.. But i have this theory that once a friend always a friend...) This status i really like and later on i copied it as mine... :P It was..
"I guess life can be surreal if you end up in a place that you never imagine to be in--whether good or bad. Life doesn't seem to be yours anymore. It's like you are going through the motions of time, but you are not really living anymore, you are not breathing the way you used to. it feels surreal. Like you are not you anymore."
Thats so true.. i am really living a surreal life lately....

Office was fine i think today... Not much work... Lunch was good... Had seekh kabab today which was a change... After lunch office was mostly chill... Wrapped work early and left on time today which in terms of manager will be leaving early... :P khair i had to leave early coz had to go to my khala's place... havent met her in a while which was bad.. so had to go.. It was fun.. I am learning how to enjoy family stuff.. Plus my knephews are so cuuuteee and coool.... even though the big one is a little monster... :P Because of them my day ended on a good note... Got home and chilled as usual...(in other words did nuthn... :P)

Musically today was really good... Some really good music was on during the rush hour show today which was great... Listened to pearl jam's "elderly woman behind the counter in a small town" after sometime... yea i know long title but its a great song... Also listened to some the ariborne toxic event, counting crows and alot of other good stuff... The song i listened to most of my day was "On call" by kings of leon.. its the song of the day.... Its a niice song.. catchy ,witty and clever... Plus with the vocals of caleb the lead singer of KOL , the song really rocks.... This songs makes me wana be in a kings of leon concert... This song is about being there for someone whenever that somones needs help... Its nice to have someone always on call for you.. it just has that nice feeling to it.... And this goes both ways.. Its also nice to be On call for someone... nice to know that if someone needs anything... youll be the first person they'll call.... thats just human nature... ( yea blame it on nature...:P )... Anyways this song is goood... Anyways.. ADIOS people take care...

Whiskey Lullaby:

On Call:

PS: Im On Call to be there....